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6 Suprising Ways Pokemon GO Can Be Useful For Daily Life

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It’s been only 39 days since Niantic released Pokemon GO. But the effect, it’s just jaw-dropping.

Without a doubt Pokemon GO has given impact in so many aspect within our daily life. And It’s not always about obvious impact such as walking exercises or being healthier in general. It has impacting people around the world in so many unusual way that it is almost fit to be called a Phenomenon. Here are some of the cases we find interesting.

It’s Not Only Catching Pokemon, But Also Bad Guys

The Man Who Got Caught At Police Station

Well I’m not saying that people are finding some evil lair or anything. But there has been some report about wanted criminal walking into a police station while playing Pokemon GO. “Fortunately, sometimes they make our job easy for us” said one of the police officer.

It Became A Great Campaign For BusinessSome lounge giving 10% discount for team mysic

Many business are influenced by Pokemon GO. There are so many stores around the globe are becoming more popular only because there are PokeStops or Gym that are within range of the stores. Also sometimes the owners of the stores are becoming creative by giving a discount or some campaign for them. For example like giving a 20% discount for team who are in control of nearby gym. Or giving some free product by owning certain badge in the game. Might sound silly but, Pokemon GO is also a big factor in economy now.

Helping People With Depression

Tweets of people who play Pokemon GO Tweets of people who play Pokemon GO Tweets of people who play Pokemon GO

Many people who diagnosed with depression, agrophobia, or  social anxiety, those who were anxious about going outside their house are being grateful for this apps. We could see from these tweets how Pokemon GO is helping them with their condition.

Helping Child Patients Get Out Of Their Bed

Young patients out of their bed, playing Pokemon GO

The young patients  from children hospital in Michigan are doing more physical activity thanks to the apps. Around the hospital building they provides a list of Pokemon landmark to facilitate meetings among players, as well a set of guidelines so the patients who are playing Pokemon GO are not invading other patients privacy.

Explore Your City And Make A Story

Strangers become best friend, thanks to Pokemon GO

Many people are failed to realized that the adventure is right around the corner. But since Pokemon GO released people are exploring their cities and having their own “Adventure”. Many people meet new friends and reconnect with old friends. There are also a case where a kid who was bullied by other kids are saved by a passerby who are playing Pokemon GO. With these many people in the street people are really interact with each other, which in my opinion is one of the best feature this apps has given to us.

Walked The Sheltered Dog, Or Adopt it

People volunteer to walk sheltered dog while playing Pokemon GO

The benefit is not only limited to human but to animals also. Animal shelter are giving people opportunity to walk the dog in the shelter while searching for Pokemon or hatching some eggs, in exchange they can adopt the dog for free. “We have lost count of the number of people who are came in here to walk one of our dogs” said Melissa Blair, assistant superintendent at Muncie Animal Shelter.


For a game apps, Pokemon GO has given so much positive impact throughout the world. Of course it’s not perfect and there will always be a flaw for a new things like these. But we can only hope Niantic is keep doing it’s best to developed Pokemon GO to be more secure, fun, and most of all beneficial for all.


Pokémon GO is available now for Android and iOS. It’s free with some in-app purchases feature. And please be sure to check here for more information about Pokemon GO!
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