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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies: Phoenix Wright Standard Edition

Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies

Ace Attorney series is a breakthrough in visual novel games. When the others are focusing about romance and school life, the designer of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Shu Takumi decided to focus about law enforcement and trials in courtroom. Therefore, in every Ace Attorney series we will play or co-operate with law enforcers such as policemen, detectives, lawyers, prosecutors, or judges.

Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney Dual Destinies

As we all know from the title, the series started with Phoenix Wright as a rookie, being taught by the famous attorney Mia Fey until he becomes a great attorney by his own efforts. But instead of talking about Phoenix Wright’s career, trials that he has been through, and scary prosecutors that he has confront so far, let us talk about some other thing that is more fun to discuss.

If we usually see Phoenix Wright’s action in the game, now we can witness his action through the Phoenix Wright resin statue from the Dual Destinies sequel. This limited resin statue of Phoenix Wright is made from the trial scenes. As far as I can feel, this resin statue with the size of 340mm (approximately 13.5”) is able to connect my imagination with the scenes where he confronts the prosecutors.

As the figure maker, Kim Bangcola really put a lot of attention into making this resin statue. Not only able to show Phoenix Wright’s expression, he also able to create an identical figure with the in-game Phoenix Wright: a formal blue suit, a red tie, attonety badge, an inner vest, black shoes and not to forget his pointing finger facing forward just like the scene in-game when he shouts: “Objection!”

Since this is a statue and considered as display figure, the treatment will be different. Instead of moving and posing like what action figures usually does, a resin statue is unable to move and pose freely like action figure. While action figures have joints, display figures don’t. In exchange, the display figure comes in a cool static pose that is usually taken from the memorable scene of the game.

Phoenix Wright9 - Ace Attorney Dual Destinies

This display figure is made from resin material; as you can see, it successfully delivers the “real” Phoenix Wright from the scene in-game with a good durability. That is why, this resin statue of Phoenix is the best thing to complete your collection of Ace Attorney games and merchandises. So if you think you are an Ace Attorney series’ fan, I suggest you to visit Play-Asia.com now and get it fast!

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