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Persona 3 Original Soundtrack Available Now!

Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3

Persona 3 is the fourth installment of the Persona series. Released in 2006, this game initially was made for PlayStation 2 console. There is an enhanced version titled Persona 3 FES that was made on the same console with bonus chapter (this version also available for PlayStation 3). And there is also a PlayStation Portable version with an optional female protagonist titled Persona 3 Portable.

The story follows a group of high school students with the name of SEES who were trying to cooperate with each other in a world where death is acceptable. Aside from the nice plot and unique gameplay, this series has something more to offer. Persona series has an exciting, worth-listening soundtrack in its games. And now, you can own the beautiful soundtrack of Persona 3 in the shape of music discs.

Persona 3 OST

The Persona 3 Original Soundtrack contains the original soundtrack to the upcoming follow up to the original PlayStation games Persona and Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, as well as Persona 3 itself. Like usual, the soundtrack was made by Shoji Meguro, the composer for all Shin Megami Tensei and Persona games.

In this Persona 3 soundtrack, you can have the bonus version of the Velvet Room song composed by Shoji Meguro and performed via twin guitar by Yosuke Uda. And the Persona 3 Original Soundtrack came in two discs, making it easier to make a favorite out of the wonderful tunes.

Persona 3 OST CD Case

Track list:

1. Burn My Dread
2. 全ての人の魂の詩
3. はじまり
4. この不思議な感覚
5. Want To Be Close
6. Troubled
7. Crisis
8. シャドウ
9. ペルソナ発動
10. 避けられぬ戦い
11. やすらぎ
12. When The Moon’s Reaching Out Stars
13. 巌戸台分寮
14. The Voice Someone Calls
15. tartarus_0d01
16. Mass Destruction
17. 戦いのあと
18. p3ct004_01
19. Deep Breath Deep Breath
20. Master of Shadow
21. ポロニアンモール
22. tartarus_0d02
23. 嫌な予感
24. Fearful Experiance
25. Calamity
26. 試験中…
27. Adventured act:
28. Joy
29. tartarus_0d03
30. 深層心理
31. The Path is Open
32. The Path Was Closed
33. Changing Seasons
34. Basement
35. Master of Tartarus
36. これでいいんだ…
37. Living With Determination
38. tartarus_0d04
39. 京都
40. Afternoon Break
41. 時価ネットたなか
42. tartarus_0d05
43. 10年前の記憶
44. Mistic
45. 心の力
46. 街の記憶
47. 学園の記憶
48. Living With Determination -巌戸台分寮アレンジ-
49. tartarus_0d06
50. 暗闇より出でしもの
51. 全ての人の魂の戦い
52. Nyx
53. 決意
54. Burn My Bread -Last Battle-
55. 絆
56. 私が守るから
57. キミの記憶
58. Blues in Velvet Room

Compared to Persona 3 Portable Original Soundtrack, this one has more tunes to offer since it includes music from the follow up games. But if you are one of the Persona series fans, I suggest that you collect both the Persona 3 Original Soundtrack and Persona 3 Portable Original Soundtrack to make sure you didn’t miss anything of the series. So, grab it through Play-Asia.com while it is still in stock!

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