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Nendoroid Persona 5: Joker is Ready to Order Now!

Persona 5 Art Box Cropped

Persona 5 is the sixth game in Persona series which was created and developed by Atlus’ P-Studio. As we all know, there are always uniqueness inside every of Shin Megami Tensei games. And so does for Persona series, as a spin-off from Atlus’ Shin Megami Tensei franchise. As usual, Persona games will revolves around the life of high school student with a whole lot of anomalies inside it.

Joker - Persona 5 Nendoroid

The main protagonist of Persona 5 is a transfer student at Shujin Academy. At the beginning of the game he is known to have small influence to the world, but nobody knows that beneath his quiet demeanor is a juvenile delinquent known as The Phantom, or code name: Joker; he is the leader of the rebellious Phantom Thieves of Hearts. But let us talk about of his “cute” side for now.

Joker2 - Persona 5 Nendoroid

The Phantom or known as Joker comes in Nendoroid action figure! In case you don’t know, Nendoroid series is a brand of plastic figures made by the Japanese Good Smile Company, which started producing it in 2006. Its collections consist of characters from anime and games in chibi form, included Joker from Persona 5 which came in cute 3.9” size.

Joker3 - Persona 5 Nendoroid

As usual, any anime or game characters that come in Nendoroid version never ceased to amaze us. With the high standard from the Japanese company, everything we will see is about perfection, expert touch, and total cuteness of any character in a series. Because of that, even a strong and sly-looking Joker can be cute in his Nendoroid version.

Joker4 - Persona 5 Nendoroid

If you are going to collect this mini action figure, you will not only get the Joker action figure, but also two faceplates: a standard expression and a grinning expression; additionally his mask and interchangeable eye parts are included, making for a total of eight different possible expression. Not to forget, you will also get indispensable knife and gun as his regular weapon from the game.

Joker5 - Persona 5 Nendoroid

Collectors need a collectible that can represent the game or series they fond of. And as an action figure, it must be a potential tool to recreate a scene from the game to reminisce the moment. Don’t you worry, because the publisher itself stated that you can recreate all kinds of scenes, from Persona summoning sequences to All-Out Attack finishes.

So, what are you waiting for? This Nendoroid Joker probably is the best thing to complete your collection of Persona series merchandises and colletibles. A true fan of Shin Megami Tensei series will not hesitate! You can start with pre-ordering it through Play-Asia.com to make sure you will not miss this one, because the pre-order season is already open now!

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