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Nendoroid Monster Hunter: World Female Hunter Rathalos Armor Version – DX Edition

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Monster Hunter franchise is a series of fantasy-themed action-RPG that started as a PlayStation 2 game in 2004. As we all know, the popularity of the franchise has made it to become a multi-platform game for PC, home console, portable console, and even mobile devices. Because of that, this monster-slaying RPG has several main series, including about nine spin-off games in multi-platform.

As the latest of the main series, Monster Hunter: World has become one of the most awaited games. As one of the lover of this series, I always wait for the chance to play another adventure while slaying huge monsters throughout the story. And aside from individual’s opinion about the game, Monster Hunter: World apparently has something cute and worthy to be collected.

Female Hunter - Monster Hunter World

With its in-game character customization, it is possible to create a male or female character according to our taste. But this time, you can witness the female hunter character in her Rathalos armor version (DX edition) as a collectible. The female hunter action figure came in Nendoroid version (made by the Japanese Good Smile Company); making it has a chibi version of the in-game character.

As a Nendoroid, this action figure came in a tiny 100 mm size (approximately 3.9”). Although most Monster Hunter series’ character has a fierce look, this female hunter looks so adorable with her cute size and expression. As what stated above, it wears Rathalos armor which made from the monster’s scale along with its spikes. But armor only is not enough without the other equipments right?

Worry not, if you get this female hunter action figure, you will not only get the character’s action figure but also two face plates (serious and shouting expression) and a stand to make it possible for you to adjust her striking any pose you like. There are also some accessories to make your toy looks livelier such as slinger, carving knife, and not to forget the great sword from the game: Red Wing.

The DX edition comes with a replacement head part to display the character in her ponytail, scout flies, monster footsteps, slinger parts, and also barbecued meat along with the table and a chair. Basically, the DX edition includes all parts that are included in the standard version together with the bonus parts for more display options.

Female Hunter8 - Monster Hunter World

This Monster Hunter: World female hunter with Rathalos armor is made from ABS and PVC material; it means you will get the best quality of it in a Nendoroid version with its actual in-game looks. For those who have tried the game, I guess it became one of the must-have collectible for you. You can start with pre-ordering this action figure now through Play-Asia.com before the pre-order deadline.

Make your order as fast as possible, because the availability of this item is not guaranteed after the pre-order period ends!

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