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Male Playable Star Ocean: The Last Hope Characters

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Star Ocean: The Last Hope is the fourth installment of the Star Ocean main series. Developed by tri-Ace and published by Square Enix, this game was released in 2009 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, then later also for PlayStation 4 in 2018. The game features more of a sci-fi emphasis than past titles and includes the ability to control your own ship.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope uses the same real-time battle system as previous game in the series with. But this time, there is a new Rush gauge; a feature that allows player to either have a preemptive strike against the enemy or use a certain ability or special attack. Each character has their own unique Rush gauge status.

This installment returns to having a four players fighting party, unlike before in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time where we can fight with only three characters. The game also includes real-time character switching, allowing active party member to be switched during battle. Let us not waste any more time, here is the introduction of the male playable characters of Star Ocean: The Last Hope.

1. Edge Maverick

Edge Maverick - Star Ocean The Last Hope

Edge is the main protagonist of the game and the captain of SRF-003 Calnus. He is a stereotypical hero; blonde hair, strong beliefs, and a swordsman. Edge becomes the captain of SRF-003 Calnus after being the only one not seriously injured by previously unnoticed hostile life-forms after its crash landing on Aeos. He is one of the 3 survivors of Project Hope, alongside Reimi and Crowe F. Almedio.

Edge is a swordsman, meaning he uses swords as his melee weapon, but aside from that he also possesses basic healing and light magic. His high strength, defense, and HP make him a formidable fighter; his supportive Symbols can help the party out of difficult situation although nowhere near Lymle, Myuria, or Sarah’s. His Symbolic Weapon spell can effectively give the party unlimited MP.

2. Faize Sheifa Beleth

Faize Sheifa Beleth - Star Ocean The Last Hope

Faize is a tritagonist of Star Ocean: The Last Hope. He is a young Eldarian who is working alongside other Eldarians to assists shipwrecked ships on Aeos when he first meets Edge and Reimi, of the Space Reconnaissance Force. He was deeply moved upon meeting Edge, looking up to his swordsmanship skills and take-charge attitude.

In battle, Faize focus more on Symbology, although he is a competent close-ranges fighter. His initial skill is only Earth Glaive at first, but as he levels up he learnsmore Symbols. Though he is a good close-ranged fighter, he never learns any close range battle skills. He specializes in dark and earth Symbology and also proficient in ice and non-elemental Symbology as well.

3. Bacchus D-79

Bacchus D-79 - Star Ocean The Last Hope

Bacchus is one of the main characters of Star Ocean: The Last Hope and a Morphus scientist hailing from the technologically advanced planet En II. He converted his ral body into a cyborg in order to handle higher thoughts and complex calculations in his work. Having a cyborg body has its advantages, for example Bacchus has the ability to cloak himself. Being a comrade to Edge has developed his sense of friendship.

Bacchus uses arms cannon and missile launchers inbuilt in his armor to deliver long range physical damage. With high defense and powerful Special Arts he is a good close range fighter, but he is also strong to be placed in the back row. Bacchus also proficient in the Engineering skill, allows him to updgrade his weapons and armor, while also create weapons for other team members.

4. Arumat P. Thanatos

Arumat P. Thanatos - Star Ocean The Last Hope

Arumat is another playable character from Star Ocean: The Last Hope and an Eldarian warrior from planet Eldar. He is blessed with extraordinary fighting abilities even by Eldarian standards. His squadron was wiped out after being attacked by an unknown enemy in Eldarian space, leaving him as the sole survivor. After meeting with Crowe and Edge, he has begun to become a better personal.

As a replacement to Faize he is competent in both fighting and Symbology, though he is better in close range fight rathen than using Symbol, unlike Faize. He is capable of using a high level attack Symbology and also has various attack skills with his scythe. He is a dependable front line fighter for the party, with his battle skills involve massive one or two-hit attacks or multi-hit attacks with great range.

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One thing to be noted is that this fourth installment of Star Ocean series finally brings back the four person party. With the difficulty above standard RPG and strong enemies and bosses, having a four member in the battle will help significantly. If I have to choose, I will choose Arumat as my favorite. With his cool attitude and a scythe as his weapon, it is easy from him to steal every player’s heart.

Which one is your favorite Star Ocean: The Last Hope character? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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