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Kingdom Hearts III Discussion: Will there be Final Fantasy Characters?


Last week, we have discussed about the possibility of Kairi joining the fights alongside Sora or not in Kingdom Hearts III. Since Kingdom Hearts III was scheduled to be released at the end of January 2019, probably about next week we will be able to play another adventure of Sora and his companions. But there is something bugging my mind: will there be any Final Fantasy characters in Kingdom Hearts III?

From what was shown in most of the trailers or screenshots, if you pay attention enough you will notice that there isn’t a single Final Fantasy characters shown except a Moogle who runs the shop in the game. We already knew that playing Kingdom Hearts games with the entire crossovers is so much fun, but if before we had both Disney and Final Fantasy characters in Kingdom Hearts games, what about this time?

Will Twilight Town be as Lively as Usual?

Struggle - Kingdom Hearts II Minigame

Twilight Town has a big chance to appear in Kingdom Hearts III, according to some clues, information, and the role of the place in prior games (related article: 10 Worlds Confirmed for Kingdom Hearts III!). It is initially introduced in Kingdom Hearts II and known to be the home of Setzer (Final Fantasy VI), Seifer (Final Fantasy VIII), and Vivi (Final Fantasy IX).

Although it was the starting town in Kingdom Hearts II, there is no confirmation that Twilight Town will be the host of at least those three characters (Setzer, Seifer, and Vivi) in Kingdom Hearts III. Of course, we can’t count Hayner, Pence, and Odette because they are not Final Fantasy characters. So, there is no guarantee that there will be Final Fantasy characters’ faces appearing in Twilight Town.

Will Radiant Garden be there and Radiates its Colors?

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMix Screenshot 4

Hollow Bastion is an empty, colossal castle infested by Heartless in the first and second Kingdom Hearts. It was restored back to the colorful Radiant Garden at the end of Kingdom Hearts II by Tron. Unfortunately, for those who miss both Hollow Bastion and Radiant Garden, there is no clue that this world will be present in Kingdom Hearts III.

For you who haven’t played the game yet, Radiant Garden is the home world of Final Fantasy characters such as Yuffie, Cid, Aerith, Tifa from Final Fantasy VII, and also Leon or Squall from Final Fantasy VIII. But since this world hasn’t been confirmed yet, sadly we have to admit that there is a possibility that this world including its characters won’t be included in Kingdom Hearts III.

The End of Cloud vs Sephiroth?

Cloud vs Sephiroth

If you have played the first and second Kingdom Hearts before, you will notice that Sephiroth keeps bugging Cloud as a secret boss since the first game. Although he only appears as a secret boss, it is so much fun to watch the rivalry of these two “buddies” in this crossover game. Furthermore, you will enjoy more fun in the preparation before fighting Sephiroth, by trying to make Ultima Weapon for example.

But apparently, Square Enix didn’t plan on giving a finisher to the rivalry between Cloud and Sephiroth in this said-to-be the last sequel of Kingdom Hearts series. Since Hollow Bastion and Radiant Garden has some connection with the existence of Sephiroth, there is a chance that the feud between them will not meet its end in this third main game.

What the Director Says

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMix Screenshot 1

Tetsuya Nomura, the director of the Kingdom Hearts projects in a recent interview with USGamer stated that the series doesn’t need any Final Fantasy characters as much as before.

“I can’t disclose too much about the Final Fantasy characters or whether or not they’ll be in Kingdom Hearts 3, because I can only speak to what’s been shown,” Nomura tells us. “But the reason you haven’t been shown any Final Fantasy characters is that there are so many original characters that need to resolve their own problems and issues. And because their issues and problems are very difficult, there just hasn’t been that much space to fit Final Fantasy characters so far.”

So, with the explanation from the director himself, there might be fewer characters from Final Fantasy series that will be included in the main game unlike before. It seems like Square Enix is really trying to focus on finishing the main story of Kingdom Hearts series after more than a decade since its first launch. Luckily, even without the help of the extras, Kingdom Hearts series is already has solid plot and characters in it.

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For Final Fantasy fans, we have to admit that this game is actually a crossover game which borrows Final Fantasy characters. So, the biggest influence will comes from Sora, Riku, and the other Keyblade Master, not the Final Fantasy characters which only gives a supporting role. Like I said before, even without those supporting characters Kingdom Hearts III is already rich in everything.

If Square Enix is really focusing on ending the story, this might be the right time since it has been more than a decade from its first release. But again, there are always fans like me who hope that the recently popular Final Fantasy characters such as Noctis will join Sora’s party, or maybe just to see the end of Cloud vs Sephiroth’s rivalry in Kingdom Hearts III.

So, are you one of the fans who wished that Kingdom Hearts III should have another Final Fantasy characters roster? Please share your thoughts in the comment below.

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