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Kingdom Hearts III Bring Arts: Terra

Kingdom Hearts III - Title

When Kingdom Hearts series was introduced in 2002 and released for PlayStation 2, it was nothing more than a newcomer trying to offer different kind of gameplay. Maybe at first, not all people are aware of it or even interested in playing it. Now, this franchise has proved its existence until today and keeps on producing new title, with Kingdom Hearts III as the latest which was released in 2019.

Terra - Kingdom Hearts III Bring Arts

Sora is the main protagonist of all main Kingdom Hearts games. But in Birth by Sleep three Keyblade warriors are introduced. One of them is none other than Terra, who fights alongside Ventus and Aqua. But now let us not talk about Kingdom Hearts III or Birth by Sleep, let us talk about Terra who has his Bring Arts form.

Terra2 - Kingdom Hearts III Bring Arts

Kingdom Hearts III Bring Arts: Terra comes in 23cm x 18cm x 7cm size, exactly the same as Aqua’s dimension in her Bring Arts form. This Bring Arts of Terra can reproduce the presence in the work with a strong appearance and fearless look. So if you are a player of Birth by Sleep and love the quality of Terra regardless of his abilities, this Bring Arts will be suitable for you.

Terra3 - Kingdom Hearts III Bring Arts

If you buy this Bring Arts, you will get a lot from Terra. There are accessories including two parts or Keyblades: Earthshaker and Master Zea Note, 2 types of face parts, and 4 types of alternative hand parts. Furthermore, by replacing the face parts it is possible to reproduce the appearance of the XIII Organization “Tera = Zea Note” who stands up against Sora and his companions.

Terra4 - Kingdom Hearts III Bring Arts

The material used to make Kingdom Hearts III Bring Arts: Terra is PVC, to ensure your satisfaction and its endurance as an action figure. Judging by the look, you can see that this Bring Arts is a package that you can enjoy actions that suit various situations. What are you waiting for? Start pre-ordering now through Play-Asia.com before you lose the chance to own this Kingdom Hearts III collectible!

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