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Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep & 358/2 Days Original Soundtrack

Kingdom Hearts series begins its first step in PlayStation 2 console. Since then this series is developing greatly until the latest sequel that was released this year. But aside from only on consoles, this series also has its portion in handheld. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep is an action RPG developed and published by Square Enix for PlayStation Portable and for Nintendo DS, there is 358/2 Days.

Since the two games is not part of the main Kingdom Hearts games maybe some of you are not familiar with those yet. Although is not part of the main Kingdom Hearts games, all of those still has connection with the main story, making those game a valuable game to collect. But right this time, I offer something from those game that you can collect: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep & 358/2 Days Original Soundtrack.

Square Enix brings the whole portable kingdom to your home now. Within this 3 CD collection are the music from the two game plus selected tracks from Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded. There are also arranged tracks and original pieces from Birth by Sleep Final Mix from Yoko Shimomura. The music are atmospheric, especially with the involvement of Sekito Tsuyoshi and Ishimoto Takeharu in the process.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep 358 2 Days CDs

Track list:

Disc 1:

KINGDOM HEARTS [Birth by Sleep]

  1. Dearly Beloved
  2. The Key of Light
  3. The Promised Beginning
  4. Future Masters
  5. Shaded Truths
  6. Tears of the Light
  7. Terra
  8. Xehanort
  9. The Worlds
  10. The Secret Whispers
  11. Risky Romp
  12. Innocent Times
  13. Drops of Poison
  14. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo
  15. Castle Escapade
  16. Peaceful Hearts
  17. Extreme Encounters
  18. Dearly Dreams
  19. Dice snd Shine
  20. Unforgettable
  21. The Silent Forest
  22. The Rustling Forest
  23. The Tumbling
  24. Ventus
  25. Enter the Darkness
  26. Radiant Garden
  27. Black Garden
  28. Black Powder

Disc 2:

KINGDOM HEARTS [Birth by Sleep]

  1. Eternal Moments
  2. Mickey Mouse March
  3. Up Down Adventure
  4. Hero or Heel?
  5. It’s a Small World
  6. Dessert★Paradise
  7. Fresh Fruits Balls
  8. Go!Go! Rumble Racer
  9. Big Race
  10. Cheers for the Brave
  11. A Date with Fate
  12. Hau’oli,Hau’oli
  13. Makaukau?
  14. Daydream upon Neverland
  15. Neverland’s Scherzo
  16. Keyblade Graveyard Horizon
  17. Unbreakable Chains
  18. The Key of Darkness
  19. Rage Awakened -The Origin-
  20. Aqua
  21. Dismiss
  22. The Key
  23. Enter the Void
  24. Destiny’s Union
  25. Birth by Sleep -A Link to the Future-

Disc 3:

KINGDOM HEARTS [358/2 Days] [Re: coded] [Birth by Sleep FINAL MIX]

  1. Dearly Beloved
  2. Reaults and Rewards
  3. Mystic Moon
  4. Critical Drive
  5. Sacred Moon
  6. Musique pour la tristesse de Xion
  7. Xemnus
  8. Secret of Neverland
  9. Crossing to Neverland
  10. At Dusk,I Will Think of You…
  11. Fight and Away
  12. Vector to the Heavens
  13. Another Side -Battle Ver.-
  14. Dearly Beloved
  15. On the Debug!!
  16. Wonder of Electron
  17. No More Bugs!!
  18. Wonder of Electron -Bug Ver.-
  19. No More Bugs!! -Bug Ver.-
  20. Pretty Pretty Abilities
  21. Dark Impetus
  22. Monstrous Monstro -Arena Ver.-
  23. Night in the Dark Dream
  24. Night of Tragedy
  25. Hunter of the Dark
  26. Master, Tell Me the Truth
  27. Forze dell’Oscurita

So the whole kingdom is really coming to your home isn’t it? That much of game themes from Kingdom Hearts series in only 3 CDs. It is a must-have collectible for collectors and also  suited well to the fans of the series, if they wish to enjoy the enchanting music of Yoko Shimomura. Then what are you waiting for collectors and fans, grab it through Play-Asia.com while it is still in stock!

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