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How do you like your RPG? Western Style? or Japanese Style? Why not both?

In a world of RPG, it’s safe to assume that we could split them into 2 different types of RPG based on the nation. And that is Japanese Role-Playing Games(JRPG) and Western Role-Playing Game(WRPG). JRPG is role-playing games that are made in Japan. While WRPG is the ones that are made on western part of the world, such as USA, Canada, and Europe. For those who don’t know what RPG or role-playing game is, be sure to learn more what is RPG, click here.

Each of them has it’s own unique based on the storyline, graphic, gameplay,, character design, etc. And thanks so various platform and vast list company that made RPG such as Sony, Square Enix, Spike Chunsoft, Rockstar, Bethseda, and the list keeps going on and on. We have almost unlimited choice on how we like to play our RPG. Whether it’s JRPG or WRPG. So what’s the difference? Let’s discuss it some more.

JRPG, Everlasting Story

Cloud and Barret engaging in battle

For many years the JRPG is focusing on the stories. The character in the game already have it’s own background story, mission, and motives, while we the players do our role to control the main character and achieve the mission. With most of them being turn-based types of combat-style, it makes JRPG quite relaxing genre which we could play at the end of the day without being to engage into the game. And let’s not forget about various interesting characters it has to offer. So why am I play JRPG? Because I can’t help it but wanting to know what kind of tragedy this lore has to offer and how does it ends.

Here are some example of JRPG :

  1. Final Fantasy Franchise (more about Final Fantasy here)
  2. Dragon Quests Franchise (more about Dragon Quests here)
  3. Harvest Moon Franchise (more about Harvest Moon here)
  4. Pokemon Franchise (more about Pokemon here)

So based on the relaxing gameplay and rich stories within the game. JRPG giving us more comfortable stance in gaming. If we are those with hectic schedule and need a break in between, this one might be right choice for you.

WRPG, Top Notch Gameplay

Dark souls character fighting some mobs

As for WRPG, they are more focusing on imagination and creativity of the players themselves. Open world, more ways to level-up, and character creation. The lore it has to offer is fairly interesting and often darker than JRPG. But unlike the JRPG, the combat system is quite engaging and exciting, making it a fun game to play. So the reason we play WRPG, it would be for experiencing liberal feeling within the adventure and of course the top notch gameplay.

Here some example of WRPG :

  1. Grand Theft Auto Franchise
  2. Fallout Franchise
  3. Skyrim Franchise
  4. Witcher Franchise

With epic gameplay WRPG offering us, we can’t help ourselves but to be excited. We could be sitting on the front of our screen for hours just to trying figure how to get some rare items, defeating a boss, or even just going around doing chaotic stuff to release stress.


But of course with it’s own pros and cons. These two genre offering us players hours of epic adventure that worth days or even weeks of our dedication. Whether you are those who in for the stories or for gameplay. Those who play in between works or those who dedicate their time to play games. JRPG and WRPG will surely satisfy your hunger for adventure.

With that being said, how do you like your RPG?


Read more about Role-Playing Games here.

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