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Game Characters Collection DX Persona 5: Arsene

Persona 5 Art Box Cropped

Persona 5 is the sixth game in Persona series which was created and developed by Atlus’ P-Studio. As we all know, there are always uniqueness inside every of Shin Megami Tensei games. And so does for Persona series, as a spin-off from Atlus’ Shin Megami Tensei franchise. As usual, Persona games will revolves around the life of high school student with a whole lot of anomalies inside it.

Arsene - Persona 5 GCCDX

Every character in Persona series has their own unique Persona, as well as the main protagonist in Persona 5. Arsene is the Persona of the main protagonist of Persona 5 which is obtained during his first confrontation with Shadow Kamoshida in his Palace. At that moment, Arsene became a tutor who personally teaches the main protagonist how to fight during his first battle.

Arsene2 - Persona 5 GCCDX

Arsene is a being based off the main character of Maurice Leblanc’s novels, Arsene Lupin. He is depicted as a master of disguise and appears everywhere. He is also known to help law-abiding citizens. Well, there are a lot of interesting about Arsene and his origin, Arsene Lupin. But now, let us talk about something cool and addicting about Arsene of Persona 5. Yeah, Arsene display figure!

Arsene3 - Persona 5 GCCDX

Arsene from Persona 5 appears in Game Characters Collection DX (GCCDX) as a large display figure with an overall height of approximately 280mm. With its large build as a display figure, Arsene came in 37cm x 29cm x 25cm of dimensions. With the high standard from Pinpoint as the sculptor, we will see perfection and expert touch in both the paintwork and the physical form of the display figure.

Arsene4 - Persona 5 GCCDX

Since it is a display figure, the treatment will be different when we are playing with it. Instead of moving and posing like what action figures usually does, a display figure is unable to move and pose freely like action figure. While action figures have joints, display figures don’t. In exchange, the display figure comes in a cool static pose that is usually taken from the memorable scene of the game.

Arsene5 - Persona 5 GCCDX

This display figure is made from PVC and ABS material; a material known for its capacity to deliver precisely identical physical form of a video game or anime characters. That is why, this display figure is the best thing to complete your collection of Persona series merchandises and collectibles at home. If you are a Persona series’ fan, I suggest you to order it through Play-Asia.com now while it is still in stock!

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