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Final Fantasy XV Insight: The Kings of Lucis (Part 2)

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It has been more than a year since Final Fantasy XV released. Everyone already knows about the quality of the story that Square Enix games can deliver. There are a lot of characters involved in the war between Lucis and Niflheim, but there are mysterious entities called “The Kings of Lucis”. If you have watched Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, they are the entities that reside within the Ring of the Lucii.

As the preface for Final Fantasy XV, the movie Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV also starred many characters in it; from the hero Nyx Ulric to the villain General Glauca, and a slight appearance of the Kings of Lucis. But it seems that both the movie and the game did not explain much about the Kings of Lucis. So now we are going to continue from where we left off and discuss about the remaining Kings of Lucis (last part).

8. The Tall

The Tall - Final Fantasy XV

The Tall is a king known for his strength and girth, said to be as tall as a mountain. He wields a chainsaw-like greatsword. His Conqueror’s Statue and Lucii form has broad and bulky armor, with a broad chest and a long cape that looks so narrow if compared with his huge figure.

9. The Just

The Just - Final Fantasy XV

The Just was known to be a queen who devoted all of her efforts to uphold peace in her land and said to be loved by her people because of her serenity. She wields a tall shield, probably as both defensive and offensive purpose. Her Conqueror’s Statue and Lucii form has incredibly large and heavy armor, with large shoulders that have three round holes, and also a thick, forward-facing horn on her helmet.

10. The Fierce

The Fierce - Final Fantasy XV

The Fierce is a king famous for his personality, with the name of Tonitrus Lucis Caelum. To his people, he is known to be a kind and loving king, but to his enemies he is known as a demon with merciless brutality. He wields a great mace as a weapon. His Conqueror’s Statue and Lucii form has bulky and segmented armor, a tattered cape on his left shoulder, and a disc-like feature on his helmet.

He also appeared in the movie Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, wreaked the most damage by destroying buildings and airships as he goes. In the movie, his statue lost his arm but still continues. It seems that his statue is the only one in the movie who is incapacitated after the fight against the daemon.

11. The Pious

The Pious - Final Fantasy XV

The Pious is known to be a king with eponymous piousness. It is said that he leads Lucis with a rule guided by divine principles and worked closely with the Oracle in his era. He is also known to have wielded a scepter that smote with the blade of light. His Conqueror’s Statue and Lucii form has light armor, with a thick cape draped over his shoulders, and a bishop-like helmet with a tall crown similar to a pope.

12. The Warrior

The Warrior - Final Fantasy XV

The Warrior was known to be a king with tragic past. His beloved queen was killed by assailants and his life forever changed since then. It is said that he wandered the world and waged an era of global war, fueled by his vendetta of bereavement. He is known to have wielded a katana as his weapon; a weapon that doesn’t originate from the land of Lucis.

He is the only king that laid to rest outside his home nation. His Conqueror’s Statue and Lucii form has a thick armor, a tattered cape, and a large volume feathered tassel on top of his helmet. There is a speculation that he is the king whose worship inspired by the Safety Bit accessory.

13. The Father

The Father - Final Fantasy XV

The Father or also known as the king of Lucis in the movie Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV is the 113th king of the dynasty. Regis Lucis Caelum is known for the love for his family, especially his son Noctis. Regis made a trip across the lands of Lucis before his coronation. He is the son of King Mors Lucis Caelum who consolidated the power of magic barrier over Insomnia.

Regis wields a saber-like sword as his weapon. His Lucii form has a light suit of armor and a sleek helmet that retains the horn-like extension that his crown had.

14. The True King

Noctis - Final Fantasy XV

The True King or also known as the King of Light, the King of Kings, or the Chosen King is the vessel for the Crystal’s power in Final Fantasy XV. The True King has the power to banish darkness from the world using the royal arms, the Crystal, and the Ring of the Lucii. And now, the True King title has inherited to Noctis Lucis Caelum as the 114th king of the Lucian dynasty and its last member.

Noctis was chosen by the Crystal to become the True King, the culmination of the Lucian bloodline as the member who can use the Light of Providence to eradicate Starscourge from the world. As the True King, Noctis can use the power of royal arms, special weapons that only the Lucian Kings bloodline can brandish.

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The Kings of Lucis seems to be a king that has their own uniqueness and capability to lead the nation in their respective era. Each one of them is gifted with prowess and wisdom to lead Lucis. If I have to choose (aside from Noctis) I would choose The Father. His charisma is admirable. In the movie Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, he even sacrificed himself for the safety of the successor of the Ring of the Lucii.

Which Kings of Lucis from the list above is your favorite? Please share your thoughts in the comment below.

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