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Final Fantasy VII Remake Statuette: Sephiroth

Final Fantasy VII Remake delay

We all know how great Final Fantasy franchise is, with Final Fantasy VII as one of the most popular games within the franchise. The original Final Fantasy VII was released more than a decade ago, but due to its popularity, the game has a remake that was released in April 10 and exclusive for PlayStation 4. The remake was entitled Final Fantasy VII Remake, based on 1997 PlayStation game Final Fantasy VII.

The main protagonist of Final Fantasy VII Remake is Cloud Strife, an ex SOLDIER who fights against Shinra Electric Power Company which tries to devour the Planet’s Mako Energy. Between Cloud and Shinra, stands Cloud’s archenemy Sephiroth who has connection with both sides. Being the main protagonist in the biggest game of the franchise, he joins the fray once again as Final Fantasy VII Remake Statuette: Sephiroth.

Sephiroth - Final Fantasy VII Remake Statuette

Having the main protagonist’s merchandise is common, but isn’t it also important to own the main antagonist collectibles? Now you have the chance to add more Final Fantasy VII collectibles, especially since this statuette is very well-made. The details and precision are without a doubt, because Tetsuya Nomura is the man behind this wonderful masterpiece of Cloud’s archenemy.

Sephiroth2 - Final Fantasy VII Remake Statuette

The Sephiroth statuette from Final Fantasy VII Remake comes in approximately 260mm height, way taller than Cloud and Aerith statuettes. This statuette was made using ABS material, to make sure of its endurance and durability is as strong as he is in the game. One thing you should remember is, a statuette is different from action figure so it is not supposed to be used for heavy playing.

Sephiroth3 - Final Fantasy VII Remake Statuette

If you want to have Cloud’s archenemy collectible from Final Fantasy VII Remake, this is the right time to hunt for it. As the time goes the statuette will be harder to find, especially since Sephiroth is one of the most loved antagonist around. What are you waiting for? Order it now via Play-Asia.com now before the stock runs out. Remember that you are not the only Final Fantasy VII Remake fan who wants it!

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