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Final Fantasy VII Remake Play Arts Kai: Aerith Gainsborough

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII is one of the greatest creations of Square Enix that was released initially in 1997 on PlayStation. After 23 years, Square Enix decided to create a remake of the original Final Fantasy VII, entitled Final Fantasy VII Remake. Same like the original story, the world has fallen under the dominion of the Shinra Electric Power Company, a sinister corporation that has monopolized the Planet’s very life force as Mako energy.

In the urban megalopolis of Midgar, an anti-Shinra rebel group calling themselves Avalanche have stepped up their campaign of resistance. Cloud Strife, a former member of Shinra’s elite SOLDIER unit now turned mercenary, lends his aid to the rebels, unaware that he will be drawn into an epic battle for the fate of the planet while having to come to terms with his own lost past.

Aerith Gainsborough - Final Fantasy VII Remake Play Arts Kai

While the story of the game is all about Cloud’s journey, it would be rude if we forget one of his important companions: Aerith Gainsborough. The girl that Cloud meets in Sector 5 Slums Church makes her appearance as a Final Fantasy VII Remake Play Arts Kai. The man behind this masterpiece is none other than Tetsuya Nomura, assisted by Roberto Ferrari, making a perfect combination of those two designers.

Aerith Gainsborough2 - Final Fantasy VII Remake Play Arts Kai

The sculpt work of Aerith is able to features her sweet yet strong willed demeanor, including the texture recreation of her skin and clothing. The Aerith Gainsborough Play Arts Kai comes in 63mm x 39mm x 247mm dimension, making it is possible to get a sense of the character in physical form just like what you usually see in-game; this time in a form of an action figure.

Aerith Gainsborough3 - Final Fantasy VII Remake Play Arts Kai

Aerith Play Arts Kai comes with various accessory pieces, such as interchangeable face and handpieces, and a basket of flowers, to recreates her usual in-game activity. Her joints, like the elbows and knees utilize updated joint parts and the material in her rod utilize a translucent piece, making for functionality and beauty as a whole package.

Aerith Gainsborough4 - Final Fantasy VII Remake Play Arts Kai

Aerith Gainsborough Play Arts Kai was made using PVC and ABS material, to make sure of its endurance and durability as an action figure. If you have played the original game released in 1997, you will notice that this Aerith comes in a whole different level, way prettier than she used to be. So what are you waiting for, order it now via Play-Asia.com because you are not the only Final Fantasy VII Remake fan!

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