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Final Fantasy VII Play Arts Kai Cloud Strife and Fenrir Action Figure Is Available Now!

Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud

Final Fantasy games are known to be a legend and pioneer in the development of RPG. The developer, Square Enix has published a lot of great sequels which successfully steals the heart of the players. One of the greatest series so far is the Final Fantasy VII. Final Fantasy VII is just like the golden boy among the Final Fantasy series; it has more sequels and movies than the other series.

Cloud Strife is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy VII with his trademark: spiky blonde hair, large sword and a calm demeanor. Because of those all, Cloud became one of most popular male RPG character. If you think you are one of his fans, or maybe if you are Final Fantasy addict, the action figure from Square Enix featuring Cloud Strife and Fenrir might be suited to be your next collectibles.

Cloud Strife & Fenrir - Final Fantasy VII Play Arts Kai

Judging by appearance, you can see how well-made this toy is. With the scale of 10.9” you can see Cloud’s cool facial expression clearly, and also his spiky hairstyle in high details. If you notice, even the wolf emblem on his shoulder is made with excellent precision. If you look carefully enough, you can also see the striped pattern of Cloud’s clothing beneath his cape.

Cloud Strife & Fenrir2 - Final Fantasy VII Play Arts Kai

Who is Cloud without his weapon? Don’t worry, you will get Cloud’s Fusion Sword (if you are watching Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, this is a modified version of the large Buster Sword you see in the movie). Not only one, you will get a total of seven swords included with the toy: the fully assembled version of Fusion Sword and six separate pieces of it which can be sheathed in Cloud’s back.

Not only Cloud, his favorite motorcycle Fenrir is also well-made with precision. You can see the Fenrir are depicted realistically (Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children portrayed the motorcycle clearly) from the streamlined pattern to the burned parts around its muffler and engine. The front part of Fenrir acts as the storage of the Fusion Sword, and the headlight and tail lamp can be light up using battery.

Cloud Strife & Fenrir3 - Final Fantasy VII Play Arts Kai

Square Enix is too kind to give you another bonus: Cloud’s goggle and mobile phone to be added in the figure. So, while waiting for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake, you can start order now via Play-Asia.com before it runs out of stock. Remember, you are not the only Final Fantasy and Cloud’s fans, there are still a lot out there, so grab it fast while you can!

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