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Dragalia Lost Summon Guide: Grab the 5 Stars!

Dragalia Lost Summon Guide: Lily (5 Star)
Dragalia Lost Summon Plot

Dragalia Lost Summon Plot

In previous article I have shared you some tips in building a party before embarking a quest in Dragalia Lost. By knowing elements, characteristic and other consideration factor you are able to create a formidable team. Yet, what if “Crap! I don’t have resources as I desired”? Summon menu in Dragalia Lost is the answer you need. I will share you some guide you need to know about the Summon menu in Dragalia Lost Summon Guide.

How to Summon

Commonly used in gacha-based game, Summon in Dragalia Lost allow the player to get more adventurers, dragons and wyrmprints. Still, there is no such a free lunch. You have to use either diamantium or wyrmite as the currency in the game or Summon Voucher for free chances. I guarantee you to be over the moon if you get one or even more Tenfold Summon Voucher as it provides you one ten-pull summon. Never miss the opportunity!

If you can’t wait to use the Tenfold Summon Voucher, promptly begin the adventure and collect the currencies as much as possible to afford the voucher! One Tenfold Summon Voucher worths for 1,500 wyrmite/diamantium. You may also check Jumpstart Endeavors and complete the quest for a voucher.

Dragalial Lost Tenfold Summon Voucher

Dragalial Lost Tenfold Summon Voucher

There are three options of summon in Dragalia Lost to choose: Daily Deal, Single Summon and Tenfold Summon. Daily Deal give you a daily single summon chance with discounted cost (30 diamantium). If you want more summon in a day, you may use Single Summon for more single pull that is worth for 150 wyrmite/diamantium or a summon voucher. As I mentioned before, the jackpot (Tenfold Summon) may dig your pocket a little bit deeper as it costs for 1,500 wyrmite/diamantium. Use Tenfold Summon Voucher and save your money just in case you want to buy some snacks!

What You Get In Summonning

Each summoning will gift you one from three categories: adventurer, dragon or wyrmprint. However Tenfold Summon provides all from three categories with wyrmprints normally be the most. Every item you get is rated from 3 Star to 5 Star which more stars indicating less likelihood to appear. More stars also means that the item is stronger and will be very beneficial. You can check the rarity distribution in this page.

I strongly suggest to have at least one 5 Star item (adventurer or dragon will be better) on your list. You can do reroll by clearing the cache or reinstalling the apps if you are not satisfied with your “starter pack” and obtain 5 Star item. If you are a big fan of Ezelith and do the trick to start the adventure with her, it will be very understandable. Just make sure to keep using wifi connection for data saving. Use this link to try possible summon role to check the showcase without losing any diamantium and wyrmite.

Dragalia Lost Summon Result

Dragalia Lost Summon Result

Once you get what you desire, back the data up to your My Nintendo account so you don’t need to worry in case your gadget is broke or lost. Disclaimer: no tips and tricks to ask your mother for a new device.

What Type of Summon You Should Choose

Although Summon offers you a great opportunity to acquire strong and advantageous items, wisely decide when will you need to summon. The available summon may change frequently, so check the Showcase Info tab first! Currency in Dragalia Lost will be more scarce as you play the game, so manage it!

If you have abundant wyrmite or diamantium to spend in once, consider to use Tenfold Summon as it guarantees at least 4 Star item. You are better to use Daily deal if you manage to summon frequently for its discounted rate. Remember to keep calm and play the game if your fancy item is still hid.

Check if this Summon guide of Dragalia Lost works on the game. It is available for Android and iOS users. As it is launched in particular regions, you may refer to this article if you can’t find the game in your application store. I will share more tips in the next articles. Get the dragon and have fun!

Dragalia Lost Summon Showcase

Dragalia Lost Summon Showcase

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