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Dragalia Lost: Preview – A Dragon’s Call Adventure

Dragalia Lost Preview
Dragalia Lost: Preview for Dragon Lovers

Yet another “dragon” has called me. Together with Cygames, Nintendo EPD has created a new dragon-adventure, Dragalia Lost. An action RPG for those who loves dragon with almighty action from anime styled-character. A quest for mysterious dragon and character collection just excite me and make it irresistible to try. Let’s take a brief preview of this game yet without the spoiler.

General Information:

System                 : Android, iOS

Released Date   : 27 September 2018

Developer           : Nintendo EPD collaborating with Cygames


Dragalia Lost was initially released in some region: Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and United States. If you can’t find the game in your application store you may use VPN and use country host in one of the selected region. You can also install and use APK to find the game. I am personally recommend to use VPN (less storage).


Basically, Dragalia Lost does not need a big space of storage (about 90 MB) when you download it from your application store. Yet when you are about to start the game it asks for more additional data otherwise you will not be able to even start the game. For Android users, make sure you have the most recent Google Play Games app installed in your phone. You can also link to your Nintendo account just in case.

As I mentioned before, dragon will be a cynosure in Dragalia Lost. However you will not play as a dragon but “cute” yet almighty characters in magical world. It is Alberia – a kingdom with dragon ruling over nature – as the plot of this game. The royal family of the kingdom possess a power to shift into a dragon-shape whom they have made a pact with and wield the dragon’s immense strength and ability.

Dragalia Lost Preview: Seventh Prince (Main Character)

Dragalia Lost Preview: Seventh Prince (Main Character)

The story begin when the Sacred Shard which protect their kingdom start to lose the power. You will play as the Seventh Prince of Alberia in order to save the people of Alberia. As he hasn’t made any pact with dragon, the plot will be played in what so-called as Dragon Choosing adventure.

Dragonblood Prince or Seventh Prince of Alberia with the element of fire is the main character in Dragalia Lost. He has a twin sister named Zethia, a maiden of a Church with light element. They will be accompanied with Notte, a fairy they met in their childhood. You will also meet Elisanne – a water elemen–knight from Ilian Church, Ranzal – a skilled mercenary with wind element, Cleo – guardian of Halidom with darkness element, and Luca – a Woodhaven archer with light element.

In the beginning of the game you have to set a party of adventure with available characters. You can fight as a single-player or co-operating with up to 4 players. You will have a full control to move your charatcer by slide the screen. Just for a reminder, you will never know what will appear or where the monster set a trap on your path, so keep watch on your step!

To attack an enemy you can simply tap your screen. You can also perform special attack with element by tapping the skill button showed on your screen. Feeling surrounded by numerous enemies? Try to swipe the screen quickly to dodge their attack from the red area. You can also switch the character in your party to plan and execute a great strategy.

Dragalia Lost Screenshot: Mission Complete

Dragalia Lost Screenshot: Mission Complete

Don’t forget about the dragon! As we know, the Alberian royal families possess a shapeshifting ability, so why don’t give it a try? You may collect the crystal gained from slained enemies or by destroying the dragon obelisks until the shapeshifting gauge is full. Once it is full enough, you can shift into dragon shape by tapping the shapeshifting button. The dragon form is very beneficial especially when you face the boss.

The game does not really have a strong plot, but the character and dragon collection process is mesmerizing. The music is stunning but always keep control on your volume if you wear an earphone. For those who are dragon lovers, I am sure that keeping this game into your library will never be disappointing. Furthermore, I am interested to play it together with my friends as multiplayer.

Dragalia Lost is now available for Android and iOS users. Go grab it and feel the astonishing journey of dragon-royal family!

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