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Dragalia Lost Beginner Tips: Pick The Right Ones!

Dragalia Lost Beginner Tips
Dragalia Lost Beginner Tips: Wyrmprints List

Dragalia Lost Beginner Tips: Pick The Right Ones!


In September 2018 Nintendo and Cygames launched a brand-new pocket RPG: Dragalia Lost –  a dragon-anime adventure. Maybe some of you have tried and felt the adventure of this cute astonishing game. Don’t worry if you could not even found the game in your application store, you can read the game review here and see how to get the game. Can’t wait to click the start button asap? Very understandable indeed.  Yet let me share some beginner tips in Dragalia Lost by knowing what you have to choose in Dragalia Lost Beginner Tips: Pick The Right Ones.

In the beginning of a quest you will be asked to form a formidable team/party. It is important to know the characteristic of each adventurers, equipment and so on to build a great combination of warrior. Thus I will share some detail in forming a team of Dragalia Lost that you may want to know and you don’t need to buy a pig in a poke.


In previous discussion I mentioned some characters with their respective possessed element, e.g. Euden with Flame Element. Both the adventurer and dragon attuned to one specific element. Knowing the characteristic of each elements – their strength and weakness – will help you a lot to build a party and strategy. Flame, Wind and Water Element play a rock-paper-scissor game: flame is strong against wind, wind is advantageous against water and water will be very beneficial against flame. Shadow and Light Element may either weaken or not beneficial against each other. You may check the elements possessed by each character here. Choose wisely and kick the enemy’s ass easily!

Dragalia Lost Beginner Tips: Elements

Dragalia Lost Beginner Tips: Knowing The Elements


There are three basic equipment to support you in a single quest: weapons, dragons and wyrmprints. You don’t need to worry about how to bring all available equipment because you are only able to bring one of each in a single quest – sorry to say. Make a good combination of those three based on what you will face in the battleground! Each weapons and dragons are attuned to an element while the wyrmprints have special ability or may boost skill. Every dragons also possess a unique charm. Pick the right ones!


As each weapon attuned to a certain element, pick the one that has a same element with the wielder has. If that so, the adventurer may use a special skill. A powerful weapon may also give the wielder a skill. You can level up your weapon collection by leveling up the castle smithy. However it is not that easy. Keep playing the main campaign and make some progress thus you will be able to build the smithy and get fancy weapons!

Dragalia Lost Beginner Tips: Euden with His Sword

Dragalia Lost Beginner Tips: Each Weapons Come with Skill


Need a lovely-looked equipment? Then you need to collect more exquisite wyrmprints – a pretty-designed ability card. A great vary of advantage may you get from them. Basically they will boost your HP and strength, yet each of them also possess unique ability. You can collect them from summons and quests. But don’t be so happy to attach many cards to each adventurer as they can only be attached to one wyrmprints. So collect as many as possible of them, pick the right ones and choose the right character to be equipped!

Ability and Co-Ability

Maybe you are wondering the different between two of them. As it’s name, ability is specifically possessed by a single character while co-ability can be shared to other characters in a party. In example, if one of adventurers’ co-ability in your party may boost strength by 5%, the other knights’ strength will also be boosted up by 5%. It is very essential to choose a right team composition which may cover one-another weakness.



Those are some essential details I think you need to know before creating a party and starting the journey of Dragalia Lost in Dragalia Lost Beginner Tips: Pick The Right Ones. Quickly grab the games in your application store to see if the tips work. You may refer to this article if you can not find the games in application store. I will share the other beginner tips of Dragalia Lost in next time. Have fun!

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