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Disney Kingdom Hearts Sora Mini Action Figure Is Coming Soon!

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Kingdom Hearts series probably become one of the most anticipated upcoming games recently. With the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts III release, it seems that Kingdom Hearts fans really have to be patient for a bit more until this game is ready to be played. Surprisingly, this hack-and-slash game which started in PlayStation 2 long time ago seems to have a growing numbers of die-hard fans out there.

Obviously, Kingdom Hearts fans can’t wait to play another adventure of Sora, whacking and and slashing the enemies with his Keyblades. Before Sora becomes an adult like he would be in Kingdom Hearts III, he looks so adorable with his baggy-styled red pants. Fortunately, for you Kingdom Hearts fans, Disney has given you an opportunity to own the classic, chibi-look Sora from the first Kingdom Hearts game.

Sora - Kingdom Hearts Mini Action Figure

This Sora mini action figure is actually a Nendoroid. In case you don’t know, Nendoroid series is a brand of plastic figures made by the Japanese Good Smile Company, which started producing it in 2006. Its collections consist of characters from anime and games in chibi form, like the one that we will be talking about now, the adorable 3.9” Sora mini action figure from the first Kingdom Hearts game.

You can see it yourself that this Sora action figure in Nendoroid size looks so cute and properly made. Sora’s iconic outfit has been created carefully with precision and perfection, not to forget that his hair has been painted with extra care to satisfy the eyes of the collectors. With the high standard from Disney, everything about this action figure are made as close as possible with the original version.

Sora2 - Kingdom Hearts Mini Action Figure

If you collect this mini action figure now, you will not only get the Sora action figure, but also three face plates depicting: a confident expression, a playful smile and a sleeping expression. But not just that, what is Sora without his trademark weapons? You will also get two different Keyblades parts that allows you to pose him in action-packed battle scenes like he used to do in-game.

For collectors, you might need an action figure that can strike pose in some strange positions like in mid-air. Worry not, this package will give you another effect parts that makes it possible to display Sora floating in the air or performing the unlocking scenes from the game. If you have played the first Kingdom Hearts game, you will notice that the package will also give you Sora’s memento: Paopu Fruit.

Sora3 - Kingdom Hearts Mini Action Figure

So, what are you waiting for? This Sora mini action figure probably is the best collectible to fill in the gap until the next sequel of Kingdom Hearts is finally released. You can start with pre-ordering it now through Play-Asia.com to make sure you will not miss this one, because you are not the only Kingdom Hearts fan out there!

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