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Disney Kingdom Hearts III Bring Arts Sora Exclusive Action Figure (2nd Form Version) Is Available Now!

Kingdom Hearts III - Title

Kingdom Hearts series is one of the greatest franchises that Square Enix ever made. It proves its success by the selling and the popularity of the released titles. The first step of Kingdom Hearts series begins in 2002, where it was released for PlayStation 2. Responding to the fans’ requests, Square Enix published several titles, and now the latest from this series will be Kingdom Hearts III.

Although the game is not released yet, the Kingdom Hearts fans can’t wait to play another adventure of Sora, the main protagonist. For your information, Sora is one of the most popular male character in RPG world (you can see the list here). So while waiting for the release of Kingdom Hearts III (read the news here) why not start by collecting the Sora action figure from Kingdom Hearts III?

Sora 2nd Form - Kingdom Hearts III Bring Arts

You can witness it yourself how well-made this toy is. The precision and the details are admirable. From head to toe, you can see the identical form like you will see in-game. With only six inches tall, it can depict Sora figure flawlessly; from his spiky hair pattern, the buttons on his costume, the pockets on each sides of his pants, and not to forget his trademark weapon: Keyblade (in two separate forms).

Now let’s talk about paintwork. How good is the paintwork? As I can say, it is identical with what you will see in game (there are already a bunch of images available in the internet for you to compare), and if you see thoroughly you can see the crisp contrast of color, which successfully beautify the appearance of this action figure. It seems that Bandai, the creator, has made this action figure pretty well.

Sora 2nd Form2 - Kingdom Hearts III Bring Arts

If you see it carefully enough, you will notice how detail the facial expression of Sora has been made. The serious look with a bit of smile depicted the adult-version of Sora as he grew up in Kingdom Hearts III. Not only his weapon, but you will also get the interchangeable hands and face parts to make your Sora moves according to your taste. And for that, a stand figure is also included in the package.

Sora 2nd Form3 - Kingdom Hearts III Bring Arts

With the existence of many small joints, you can make Sora strikes any poses that you desire. But that also makes this toy is best suited to age 21+. And it will be wise for adult collectors to use this toy only to pose, not for heavy-play use. So what are you waiting for? If you think you are one of the many Kingdom Hearts fans, grab it while you can through Amazon.com while it is still in stock!

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