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Disney Kingdom Hearts III Bring Arts Riku Action Figure Is Coming Soon!

Kingdom Hearts III - Title

Kingdom Hearts series is one of the greatest franchises that Square Enix ever made. It proves its success by the good selling and the popularity of the released titles. The first step of Kingdom Hearts series begins in 2002, where it was released for PlayStation 2. The latest from this series will be Kingdom Hearts III, but it is still a while until the game is finally released (read the news here).

Riku - Kingdom Hearts III Bring Arts

As we all know, Sora is the main protagonist of most Kingdom Hearts series. Besides having Donald and Goofy with him, in this game Sora will be accompanied by Riku, his childhood friend from Destiny Island. Those two have been through a lot, but this time we are not going to talk about their friendship. We will talk about what collectors loves: Kingdom Hearts III Bring Arts Riku action figure.

As the other characters of Kingdom Hearts series grows older, this Riku action figure will be depicting his mature look in Kingdom Hearts III. His Kingdom Hearts III version looks more mature than he was in the prior series. Through this toy, you can see Riku in-game version that was made in an amazing level of detail. His expression and appearance looks identical with the one you see in the trailer.

Riku2 - Kingdom Hearts III Bring Arts

Despite of the small size (approximately 6” tall) the coloring of this toy pays close attention to the feel of the Riku’s appearance in-game. The coloring also contributes in recreating the distinctive contrast between dark and light colors, and the variation of colors gives us a satisfying impression of the toy itself. In short, this Bandai-made collectible successfully brings Riku alive in a toy form.

If you buy this mini action figure now, you will not only get Riku action figure, but also alternative hands and faces that express a variety of moods. But not just that, as a Keyblade wielder Riku will also be equipped with his default Keyblade. If before his default Keyblades: Soul Eater and Way to the Dawn looks devilish, this time he wields a Keyblade which look much more normal and simpler.

Riku3 - Kingdom Hearts III Bring Arts

Since the joints in this figure are highly articulated, it is very possible to make Riku strikes any poses like his in-game action. But because of that, this toy is best suited to age 21+ and it will be wise of you to use this toy only to pose, not for heavy-play use. So what are you waiting for? You can start by pre-ordering now through Play-Asia.com while you still have the chance to grab it!

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