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Disney Kingdom Hearts II S.H.Figuarts Sora Exclusive Action Figure [Final Form] Arriving in October!

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Kingdom Hearts series is one of the greatest hits that Square Enix ever made. Started in PlayStation 2, this franchise continues even in next-generation console era. A lot of sequels and spinoffs have been released consistently and of course with a smooth connectivity in storyline. What is good about this series is that all of the titles have a relation to each other, making it interesting to know all of it.

Sora Final Form - Kingdom Hearts II S.H.Figuarts

Sora, the main protagonist of Kingdom Hearts II became one of Square Enix’s most popular protagonists, along with Cloud and Squall. If ever, you find yourself interested to have Sora’s merchandise while playing the game (like me), this product of Bandai is the solution. Disney and Bandai Japan has created the Final Form version of Sora in Kingdom Hearts II.

Unlike the normal version, the Final Form Sora from Kingdom Hearts II wears white outfit. Good news for you collectors, this Final Form Sora has more extra than the normal version. You will get two optional faces (smiling and shouting), optional hands, and the best part is: two weapons! If you played the game before, you will notice that Sora is wielding Oblivion and Oathkeeper in both hands.

For your information, this Final Form Sora exclusive action figure made by Bandai is probably one of the best versions that you can find in toy shops. With size of 5.10 inches, you can see how well the plastic material depicting his face. To add more, it uses pearlescent colors, making it looks real. Since it consists of many small joints, this toy is best suited for adult; to pose only not for heavy play-use.

To all of you who are interested in having this exclusive Final Form Sora action figure from Kingdom Hearts II, you can start with pre-order before it will be available in October 2018 (for more detail check ToyWiz).

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