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Disney Kingdom Hearts II S.H. Figuarts Goofy Action Figure Is Ready to Collect Now!

Kingdom Hearts II Wallpaper

Who doesn’t know Kingdom Hearts? Maybe only those who never played console games. Kingdom Hearts series is invading every console that it can’t be missed by any RPG player. PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable, and Nintendo 3DS already has the chance to provide its excellent gameplay for Kingdom Hearts series fans, and now it even reached the next-gen console PlayStation 4.

Goofy - Kingdom Hearts II S.H. Figuarts

Alongside the main protagonist, Sora, are the two Disney legendary characters: Donald and Goofy. As Sora’s guardians, Donald and Goofy played an important role that those two never missed Sora’s side in every series. If we played the series from the beginning, we will notice that Donald and Goofy is very important, as those two not included as a mediocre characters. Probably even the best so far.

And now it is time for Goofy to steal the spotlight with his Kingdom Hearts II version of toy. As he is much taller than Donald, Goofy’s action figure is much taller, with the height of 5.9”. If you own the toy, you will get not only Goofy himself, but also his signature weapon from the game: Knight’s Shield, three optional facial expressions, an optional head, and a stand.

Goofy4 - Kingdom Hearts II S.H. Figuarts

This action figure was created excellently with high quality plastic material and from what you can see in the picture, it looks exactly the same like Goofy we know in Kingdom Hearts II. This toy has many small joints which make it possible to strike any kind of poses we like, but because of that, this action figure is best suited for adult collectors (ages 21+) only for posing purpose, not for heavy-play use.

Goofy5 - Kingdom Hearts II S.H. Figuarts

In my opinion, this toy has a real quality. It really is successful in presenting Goofy like what I see in-game. The colors, the precision, and the Goofy itself are nearly flawless. So if you think you are a Disney fans, Square Enix fans, or maybe even Kingdom Hearts die-hard fans, don’t waste any more time! Grab it while you can with an easy-to-collect price (for more detail check ToyWiz).

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