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#ThrowbackRPG – Chrono Trigger Characters and Final Weapons

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For most 90’s RPG gamers like me, Chrono Trigger is one of the top classic RPG without a doubt. It’s like nobody ever missed this legendary game. Began its journey in Super Nintendo (SNES) it continued forward up to later consoles such as PlayStation, Nintendo DS, and now also on Android and PC. Because of its huge fan base, the developer decided to bring this old RPG back to present time.

This simple yet very addictive RPG has a total of seven characters with different background. Each of them has two final weapons in the original version (SNES and PlayStation) and upgraded version (Nintendo DS, Android and PC). Since it is an upgrade, the upgraded version has stronger final weapons. And here are Chrono Trigger characters and final weapons that you should know.

1. Crono

Crono is the main protagonist of Chrono Trigger. He has spiky red hair trademark similar to Son Gohan in Dragon Ball series, (both are drawn by Akira Toriyama). In this game, you will not find Crono talking as he is a silent protagonist. He lives in a city called Truce in the present time. He is a type of character that put his life on the line for the sake of others.

Rainbow and Dreamseeker

Rainbow is Crono’s final weapon in the original version, while Dreamseeker is for the upgraded version. Rainbow can be obtained after bringing the Rainbow Shell and Sun Stone to Melchior. It has the attack power of 220 and has 70% critical effect. To get Dreamseeker, we need to defeat Dream Devourer which is only available in upgraded version. Its attack power is 240 with 90% critical rate effect.

2. Marle

Marle - Chrono Trigger

Marle is a princess of Guardia Castle who got bored with royal life. She has a blond hair with high ponytail, wearing a jumpsuit to conceal her royal status. She meets Crono at the Millennial Fair, and tries some games with him in the festival. Problems begin when she tried Lucca’s telepod, which send her out to the past. Using her mysterious pendant, Crono travels back in time to rescue her.

Valkerye and Venus Bow

Valkerye is Marle’s final weapon in the original version and Venus Bow for the upgraded version. Valkerye can be obtained inside a sealed chest in Hero’s Grave (1000 A.D). It has the attack power of 180 and a base critical hit rate by 40%. Venus Bow is much stronger in upgrade version as it will always inflict 777 damages to the enemies. It is hidden inside a treasure chest in Antiquity Dimensional Vortex.

3. Lucca

Lucca - Chrono Trigger

Lucca is Crono’s childhood friend, and also a brilliant inventor. She invents some devices that are exhibited at the Millennial Fair, such as battle-training robot named Gato and Telepod, the device that sent Marle to 600 A.D. After knowing Crono is pursuing Marle to the past, she created Gate Key to ensure the time-traveling. She is also the one who found Robo and bring him back to life.

Wondershot and Spellslinger

Wondershot is Lucca’s final weapon in the original version, and Spellslinger in the upgraded version. Wondershot can be obtained during the Sun Stone quest. Its attack is determined by the hours of playing the game. Unlike Wondershot, Spellslinger’s damage is determined by the last digit of Lucca’s MP. It can be found inside a treasure chest in Present Dimensional Vortex.

4. Robo

Robo - Chrono Trigger

Robo is a robot found in Proto Dome by Crono and his party. It has an appearance of a bipedal metallic human-shaped robot with its mechanical arms as a weapon. It is colored in metallic beige/brown, different from the other robots found in the game. Unlike other characters, Robo is unable to use magic given by Spekkio. Instead, his tech/skill has fire element, similar to fire magic.

Crisis Arm and Apocalypse Arm

Crisis Arm is Robo’s final weapon for the original version, and Apocalypse Arm for the upgraded version. We can find Crisis Arm in Geno Dome after defeating Mother Brain. It has an attack power of 1, but its damage is determined by multiplying 0.5 by Robo’s last HP. Apocalypse Arm is stronger, with 9999 damage every time critical hits land. It can be found in Future Dimensional Vortex.

5. Frog

Frog - Chrono Trigger

Frog is a warrior with an appearance of a bipedal frog, with typical swordsman look. He wears golden breastplate, a green cape, green gloves and also boots, not forgetting a shield and a broadsword as his weapon. Later in the game, we will know that he has a real name: Glenn, a squire for Cyrus. The event involving Cyrus and Magus is the reason why he changed into a frog.


This legendary sword is a weapon for Frog for both version. We can get Masamune after traveling to Magic Cave, when Frog joins the party permanently. The standard Masamune only has 75 attack powers, which is too low for a legendary sword. After getting powered up, the upgraded Masamune will have the attack power of 200. To achieve that, we need to have access to Cyrus’s Grave in 600 A.D.

6. Ayla

Ayla - Chrono Trigger

Ayla is a prehistoric girl with a blonde hair. She is also a chief of the Ioka Tribe. She has a characteristic of fierce, confident, and morally pure. As a chief, she has a grudge with Reptites (an evolved and intelligent race of reptiles). She meets Crono’s party and joins permanently when Crono’s party is on the quest to repair the broken Masamune, looking for Dreamstone which is only exist in 65.000.000 B.C.

Bronze Fist

Ayla is a character who doesn’t wield any weapon. Her only weapon is her fist. Her fist will be upgraded automatically after meeting certain level. She will get her final weapon: Bronze Fist as soon as she reached level 96. It will inflicts 9999 damage on critical hits, similar to Robo’s Apocalypse Arm. The only difference is that Bronze Fist will inflict normal damage on non-critical hits.

7. Magus

Magus - Chrono Trigger

Magus is originally an antagonist until certain point of the game. He has an appearance of pale gray skin and pointy ears, unlike normal human. He also wields a scythe, like demons usually had. Magus is from 600 A.D, the same era where Frog resides. That is also why both of them are sworn enemies, as Magus is waging war against Guardia Kingdom in 600 A.D.

DoomSickle and Dreamreaper

DoomSickle is Magus’s final weapon in the original version and Dreamreaper is in the upgraded version. DoomSickle has attack power of 160, and its power will be determined by how many allies are still standing. It can be found in Ozzie’s Fort. The Dreamreaper is stronger with 180 attack power, 20% critical hit rate, and 4x normal damage on critical hits. It can be found in the Present Dimensional Vortex.

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My favorite character is Frog. Even though he shaped like a toad, he is reliable fighter. His quest in fixing the broken Masamune is somewhat interesting, as it will reward you the legendary weapon in the end. Not only that, we can even power it up by visiting Cyrus’s grave and equipping certain item to increase the critical hit rate.

Which Chrono Trigger characters do you think is your favorite? Please share your comments below.

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