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Chrono Cross Original Soundtrack Piano Sheet Music Book

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Chrono Cross is one of the classic RPG made by Square for PlayStation in 1999. It is the successor of Chrono Trigger, with enhanced graphics and soundtrack. The instrumental theme of this game is so enchanting that you can enjoy listening to it anytime. Not only is the music, Chrono Cross known for its nice gameplay with the unlimited character recruitment feature that makes the gameplay even more addictive.

In that case, this time we will focus more on the soundtrack aside from the nice plot and unique gameplay. Chrono series were known for its soothing and enchanting soundtrack in its games; just by listening to it can make us fall into a deep slumber. Behind the beautiful soundtrack, is the man behind the magical tunes of Xenogears and Chrono Trigger, Yasunori Mitsuda.

Chrono Cross OST Piano Sheet Music Book

All of the wonderful melodies from Chrono Cross can be found in this Chrono Cross original soundtrack in a form of piano sheet music book. There are 64 tracks ready to pamper your ears, especially if you can play piano. If you are thinking that Chrono series or Xenogears are great games with beautiful soundtrack, then this item probably is another collectible to be added in your cabinet.

Chrono Cross OST Piano Sheet Music Book Inside

Track list:

#1 : Chrono Cross
#2 : Shisen
#3 : Village Arni Home
#4 : Field Home World
#5 : Dancing with Lezard
#6 : Recollection
#7 : Another World
#8 : Village Arni Another
#9 : Desire of Bubble
#10 : Lost One Piece
#11 : Drowned Valley
#12 : Termina Another
#13 : Person who Leaves
#14 : Forest of Shadow
#15 : Snake Bone House
#16 : Victory
#17 : Hesitation Child
#18 : Guldove Another
#19 : Marsh of Hydra
#20 : One Piece of Future
#21 : Navigation
#22 : Mt. Death Fire
#23 : Phantom Ship
#24 : Fort of Dragon
#25 : Sad
#26 : Start the Future
#27 : Termina Home
#28 : Interstice of Dimension
#29 : Knight of Dragon
#30 : Navigation Home World
#31 : Guldove Home
#32 : Zelbess
#33 : Marbule Home
#34 : Tensei Kyougaku dai Kijutsu Dan
#35 : Catnap
#36 : Chronomantique
#37 : Gatti
#38 : Rakuten
#39 : Island of Ghost
#40 : Death Sea
#41 : Arakajime Usinawareshi Tomoshibi
#42 : Unmei ni Ayakawareshi Monotachi
#43 : Island of the Earth Dragon
#44 : Central World
#45 : Wind
#46 : Victory Summer
#47 : Marbule Another
#48 : Magic that Fairy Gave
#49 : Magical Dreamers
#50 : Garden of Gods
#51 : Chronopolis
#52 : Sea of Moon
#53 : Orphanage of Flame
#54 : Girl who Stole the Star
#55 : Dream that Time Has
#56 : Dragon’s Prayer
#57 : Fate
#58 : Tower of Star
#59 : Dragon God
#60 : Life
#61 : Recollection
#62 : Frozen Flame
#63 : Radical Dreamers
#64 : One Piece of the Future

Chrono Cross OST Piano Sheet Music Book Cover

Do notice one of the title above? If you haven’t notice it yet, then you should play it right away or ask your friend to play it for you. In case you don’t know what to do with this piano sheet music book, you can present it to your friend, our fellow RPG lover. So, what are you waiting for? Grab it fast through Play-Asia.com while it is still in stock!

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