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Best Smartphone Exclusive RPG: Chaos Rings III

Chaos Rings III Wallpaper

Chaos Rings series is a game franchise made by Square Enix, firstly known when Chaos Rings published in 2010. From time to time, this series has proved that it is worth playing, as it has reached the fourth installment named: Chaos Rings III. Square Enix has a good reputation for its success in publishing legendary games such as Final Fantasy series, Kingdom Hearts series, and many others.

Square Enix products are known for its graphical beauty, movie-like cutscenes, amazing battles, epic bosses, secrets, and a vast world to explore. Combined altogether, it makes the legendary games such as stated above. If you are a fan of Square Enix’s masterpieces, Chaos Rings III is a game that you must try. And for you classic RPG lover, this game is something that you shouldn’t miss.

“To the people who have not yet purchased the game, we humbly ask you to give our game a try. We poured our hearts creating a refined gaming experience, and we can say with confidence that this is Media.Vision Inc.’s best work to date.” Wataru Kato, Square Enix Co., Ltd (source: official website)

Simple Plot with Surprising Twists

Chaos Rings III Characters

Chaos Rings III revolves around the life of unnamed protagonist (the official website mention that it is Nazca) whom originally a normal boy trying to follows his father footsteps as an Explorer. Later on, we will notice that in order to do that he must travel and discover the Paradise. The only guide that the protagonist has is the entity called Mariv who appeared in his dreams.

The protagonist is confronted by his younger sister at first, who is unsupportive towards his decision to become an Explorer. Eventually, his sister decides to support him and help him to settle down in a town called New Paleo. From then on, his fate as an Explorer has been set. But to pursue his dreams, the protagonist needs the presence of friends and allies who are willing to assist him.

As time goes by, the main protagonist finds what he needs most: powerful companions. He meets Daisuke (a young fighter who uses gauntlet as his weapon), Leary (a girl using mechanical gun ring in battle), Al (a senior Explorer whom also a member of Thousand Voyagers), and Elroux (a strange, unknown girl who has connection with Mariv).

“The story is one of the best parts of the game. Each character has their own back story and fairly fleshed out personality, plus the game can be replayed 4 different times to see it from each perspective.” Kopaka88, Gamer (source: Gamefaqs)

Classic Gameplay, Modern Feels

Chaos Rings III Battle Screenshot

Chaos Rings III battle system and gameplay are mostly the same with its predecessor. But unlike the previous series, now we can have up to three party members in battle (we can even give names to the team). The naming system for the main protagonist and the team are somewhat rare compared to the other present games, making it more unique.

In battles, the team can unleash Final Strike by utilizing elemental weaknesses and critical strikes. And then if the break gauge is at max, the Final Strike will turn into even deadlier moves called Art Ascendant. Basically, this game has two modes: Story Mode and Battle Mode. Both modes use the same characters and Genes, but the Battle Mode will focus on fighting enemies to get rare equipments.

Leveling in Chaos Rings III is kind of unique. Instead of depending on the character, the character’s growth will depend on which Genes they are equipped with. Not only for character’s stat growth, the Genes are also responsible for the active and passive skills of that character. If that character has no Genes equipped, he/she will be by default at level 1.

Although there are only three characters that we can use in battle, the other character’s Genes will still gain exp after battle. With that condition, it is wise to make high leveled characters carry low level Genes. There are some ways to obtain a Gene: first, by using “gifts” to fuse into Genes, second, by purchasing a Gene box in Sp. Shop; third, by fusing two different Genes to obtain a new Gene.

“With its stunning visuals, huge amount of content and challenging, turn-based combat, Chaos Rings III is definitely one of the best mobile games around at this moment.” XGN (source: Metacritic)

The Enchanting Music

Chaos Rings 3 Theme Song

Composer and songwriter Noriyasu Agematsu will be the creator of the game soundtracks. The theme song Sekai no Subete ga Teki da Toshitemo is sung by Japanese singer Emi Nitta. The whole soundtracks could bring back the feel of playing classic JRPG like we used to experience when we played masterpieces of Square Enix.

“Another hit. Square has pulled out the classic RPG music, with jaw-dropping songs. From orchestras, to melancholic melodies, to that corny RPG metal that we all love, this game just screams: “Plug your headphones in”.” TrueAnarchist, Gamer (source: Gamefaqs)

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Chaos Rings series started in 2010, when it is still a newcomer in the whole lot lists of Smartphone games. And now, Square Enix once again proved that they can survive in the competition of Smartphone gaming by releasing Chaos Rings III for Android and iPhone. Nobody doubts the quality that Square Enix can deliver, and it is time for you to experience it yourself.

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