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A Little to Know about the First Step of RPG

Dungeons & Dragons

Basically, RPG or role-playing game is where we play as a certain character in a game. Most of the RPG we know out there has a lot of side story and quests that make this genre takes longer time to finish but also more interesting to follow. The era of RPG started when Dungeons & Dragons released in ‘70s as a board game. Thus, we can call it the first step of RPG going into the spotlight.

The Rise of RPG

Continues to ‘80s, we have more RPG selection than before like: Wizardry, Ultima, and Dragon Quest. Those console games have become the core concept of mechanics and gameplay of later RPG. Talking about the core of RPG, the first RPG that was created actually was Akalabeth: World of Doom that is available for PC and some classic platforms; the game was made by the same creator of Ultima.

Akalabeth World of Doom Wallpaper

Although the first RPG is Akalabeth: World of Doom, people know Ultima I as the first RPG, probably because of the marketing strategy of the company. The first Ultima game ever made was released around ‘80s entitled Ultima I: The First Age of Darkness. The game was only available on Apple II platform and only released in America. Richard Garriot is the man behind the most popular game in ‘80s at that time.

Ultima Wallpaper

Japan Chose His Way of Gaming

Following the success of Ultima I in ‘80s, Japanese developer made their own game and started their own history of RPG. In 1986, the first game developer in Japan that was successfully introduced RPG was Enix (now Square Enix). The first RPG that was made by Enix is Dragon Quest, which now has become a huge franchise of JRPG. The first Dragon Quest was only available on Famicom (NES) at that time.

Dragon Quest I II III First Screenshots - DQ1

In 1987, another legend emerged; it is none other than the Final Fantasy series. The first Final Fantasy game was released this year and became the best-selling console game in the world. Since then, JRPG has become popular and Japanese game developers started to have their own market and die-hard fans even in Europe and America, thanks to the first Dragon Quest game.

Final Fantasy Wallpaper

The strategies that Enix created has successfully made Final Fantasy sold over 100 million copies and achieved 7 awards from Guinness World Records. And ever since then, the game developers throughout the world are beginning to compete on making their own gameplay mechanics and bring forth other RPG subgenres such as MMORPG, action RPG, turn-based RPG, and many more.

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Those RPG games and its subgenres are proofs that RPG is developing since before and never stops. One thing we should know is that however different the gameplay, RPG is still RPG; a genre that offers us wider exploration on both the characters and the world, which we might not encounter on the other game genre. And I hope with its simple first step, RPG will become better with the advanced technology.

And that concludes the first step of RPG you should know. How much do you love RPG? Please share your thoughts in the comment below.

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