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#ThrowbackRPG – 7 Unique Remnant Weapons in The Last Remnant

The Last Remnant Characters

In every video game, the characters will be equipped with weapons, items, and accessories. By equipping them, they will gain some boosts in abilities or even special attacks. In The Last Remnant, Rush Sykes and his companions will equip weapons and accessories which called remnants. Unlike standard equipments, a remnant holds some kind of power that gives certain effects to characters.

Remnants in The Last Remnants took shapes in various things. The weapon remnants will boost character’s strength and attack skills, and the accessories remnants will boost character’s stats, special effects, or giving status immunity.

I like the way remnant weapons works, not only they boosts attacks, they can also be upgraded and deals even more massive damage. The fun part is that they are kind of hard to get. Here are 7 unique remnant weapons that you can collect in The Last Remnant.

1. Obsidian

Obsidian Remnant

Obsidian took shape of a two-handed large sword, suitable for a big race such as Yama. It is actually a Yama specific weapon, and can be obtained by defeating Zuido in base 2. Obsidian will be requested only by Gaou or Zuido. By equipping it, players can perform a Weapon Art: Zeal’s Virtue. Inky blackness will descends on the enemy for a substantial mystic damage. Not only that, this remnant is upgradeable.

2. Gladius Antiquitus

Gladius Antiquitus Remnant

This remnant weapon which is specifically for Qsiti isn’t actually a remnant. But the effort of getting it makes players started to consider it as one of the remnants. It can only be obtained by defeating the King Plant as a rare drop. If you miss that one, there is still a chance to obtain it in Lob Omen quest, with even lesser chance of drop rate. Although it doesn’t have a Weapon Art, it is still preferable for combat-type Qsiti.

3. Schiavona

Schiavona Remnant

This remnant can be found in Blackdale. Schiavona composed of three spears that float in mid-air. Players will find this remnant when accessing Blackdale area, and fighting Wagram. This remnants can only be used by Rush and Jager, who once a villain. Schiavona has a Weapon Art which also named Schiavona. The user will perform sharp stabbing blows to an enemy union, dealing substantial damage.

4. Brionac

Brionac Remnant

Brionac took form of a pipe-shaped gun. This remnant is owned by one of David’s Four Generals: Torgal. By having Brionac, Torgal can perform Lugh’s Revenge Weapon Arts: firing mystic balls at enemy and dealing substantial damage for enemy union. To get this remnant, players must defeat Snievan at base 1 and obtain it as a drop.

5. Frostblade

Frostblade Remnant

This remnant is one of the coolest weapons by appearance. Frostblade took shape of a large two-handed sword that is engulfed in ice. This frost-elemental remnant is upgradeable and has the Snowblind Weapon Art. A blizzard ices the battlefield, and dealing substantial mystic damages to all foes when the Weapon Art is activated. To get Frostblade, players need to defeat Young at one of the six bases.

6. Nightbloom

Nightbloom Remnant

Nightbloom is a katana-like remnant with beautiful appearance. The blue colored blade makes it even more suitable to be used by female characters. This remnant will be requested by Irina or Emmy later, but I suggest giving it to Emmy since she is a swords specialist. It has the Snowpetal Weapon Art, a falling snow dealing substantial mystic damage. This remnant is a drop from fighting Hinnah-Hannah at one of the six bases.

7. Gae Bolg

Gae Bolg Remnant

This remnant is the first remnant weapons you will see in the game. Owned by David, King of Athlum, this remnant needs a Trigger Remnant: Kellendros to be activated. The good news is, you obtain Kellendros as soon as David joins your party, so it is possible to use Gae Bolg immediately (plus Unique Art: Ex Machina).

What is so good about having David as a union leader is that Gae Bolg deals extreme damage to all of the enemy force. This is why most players will use David as union leader as soon as he joins, to be able to make use of his Gae Blog. In my playtime, usually the battle will end immediately after Gae Bolg is fired (even for some bosses).

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As an RPG lover, appearance is an important factor for me. For games that have different equipments appearance in battle, it has more value in my opinion. The good thing about The Last Remnants is that each weapon has different style and Weapon Arts, making it really fun to collect them all. Which one is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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