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7 Typical Swords of RPG World

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Weapons are one of the main attractions in video game. In every genre, we will need weapon to survive while battling the monsters. As well as in RPG, weapon holds a very crucial position beside the other kind of equipment. Weapons in RPG are classified into several types such as short range, long range, projectile, and some others. And the short range weapon includes swords.

Swords are one of my favorite types of weapon in RPG. For some reason, most of the main characters in RPG wields sword. Swords are probably the easiest weapon you can find in every RPG. Among many kinds and types of sword in RPG, there are some that is hard to forget. Here are 7 typical swords of RPG world that you might have encountered in your playthrough while playing the game.

1. Master Sword (The Legend of Zelda Series)

Master Sword - The Legend of Zelda

Master Sword is a recurring legendary sword that is wield by Link, the main protagonist of the Legend of Zelda series. Initially, it was known as a Goddess Sword that was crafted by the goddess Hylia, and later it was forged into the Master Sword by Link as the goddess’ chosen hero. Together with Fi, the spirit residing inside the sword, they bathed it in the three Sacred Flames located across Hyrule.

Being imbued with such power, the sword was known to be the only weapon that can hurt Ganon (or also known as Ganondorf) in the games he appears in. In the series, this sword is often seen to choose its own master who has gone through great trials, which is Link in neverending line of incarnation. As Link’s typical sword, you will see Master Sword often in the series helping him in slaying monsters.

2. Masamune (Chrono Trigger)

Masamune - Chrono Trigger

Masamune is a legendary sword from the famous Chrono Trigger. It is a sword which can only be used by Frog, a skilled swordsman in the form of walking toad. It can be use by Frog as soon as the party travels to the Magic Cave after he joins permanently. In the history, it was a sword which was used by Cyrus to stop Magus. It is said to be the only sword that can hurt Magus by lowering his defense.

At first, Masamune is shattered into two parts, the hilt and the blade. By asking Melchior, the original creator of the blade, the party asked for him to repair the broken sword. Because of a certain material called Dreamstone needed for the repair, the party travels to prehistoric era in search of it. After being repaired, we can upgrade the sword by visiting Cyrus’ grave for almost 3x of the original attack.

3. Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts Series)

Kingdom Key - Kingdom Hearts

Keyblade is the trademark weapon of Sora in the many series of Kingdom Hearts. It is almost impossible to miss this one because of its uniqueness. The continuity and popularity of the game also help this trademark weapon becomes even more unforgettable. Basically, it is a kind of weapon which resembles a sword, but without any sharp edges. It helps Sora fights the enemies since the first game.

The Keyblade is not just an ordinary weapon to fight the Heartless; it plays an important role in battle between light and darkness. It also serves as the tool to unlock keyholes in every world, and obtain various keychains which can turns into another kind of Keyblade as a result. The character designer, Tetsuya Nomura said that the Keyblade was originally planned to be a chainsaw-like weapon.

4. Buster Sword (Final Fantasy VII)

Buster Sword - Final Fantasy VII

Buster Sword is a famous great sword which was appeared firstly in Final Fantasy VII. The main protagonist of Final Fantasy VII, Cloud Strife is the third wielder after Zack Fair and Angeal Hewley. It is basically a broadsword in enormous size. It has become the iconic image for Cloud and the game itself due to its unique appearance. There are holes near the base of the sword that serves as Materia holder.

Although it appears in other series of Final Fantasy and wielded by someone else, the Buster Sword image is more attached to Cloud, probably because he is the longest persona to use it. Aside from its size, Cloud’s slender body seems able to swing the swords easily and carrying it everywhere. With the upcoming remake of Final Fantasy VII, maybe this sword will become even more famous than it is now.

5. Gunblade (Final Fantasy VIII)

Gunblade - Final Fantasy VIII

Gunblade is a type of weapon in Final Fantasy VIII and used by its main character, Squall Leonhart. It is also a recurring weapon in some Final Fantasy series after being introduced by Squall. Basically, Gunblade is a fusion of sword and a gun. In the original version, the Gunblade can’t fire projectiles, but instead it can increase the damage through critical hits by adding explosion into the attack.

The designer, Tetsuya Nomura designed the sword with a revolver handle on its base. He designed it accidentally when he was into silver accessories, and later notices that it has some unique shape. After that, it became the idea to make it as Final Fantasy VIII main character’s signature weapon. In the original game, we need to press the trigger button (R1) on-time in order to launch critical hit using Gunblade.

6. Excalibur II (Final Fantasy IX)

Excalibur II - Final Fantasy IX

The strongest weapon in the entire playthrough of Final Fantasy IX is wielded by Steiner. Apparently, the strongest weapon which took shape of a sword is also difficult to get. Ths strongest weapon in Final Fantasy IX is Excalibur II, which can be used by a knight like Steiner, and it has a brother sword named Excalibur which is not as strong as the Excalibur II. Excalibur is weaker, but easier to get.

To get the Excalibur II, or Steiner’s best weapon, we need to reach Lich’s place and defeat them in battle as the third to last boss of the game. It may sound easy, but we need to reach him in less than 12 hours of playtime. After we defeat him, search for the exclamation point near a pillar on the Terrace. There we can find Cid’s note and Excalibur II. It might be one of the trickiest weapons to get in the series.

7. Brotherhood (Final Fantasy X)

Brotherhood - Final Fantasy X

Brotherhood is Tidus’ signature sword in Final Fantasy X. It is not his final and strongest weapon, but it is one of the most recognizable swords in the entire Final Fantasy series. It is very typical for both Tidus and the game itself. As a non Celestial Weapon, Brotherhood has an eyecatching appearance and beautiful form as a sword. It seemingly made of water, making it dominated with a blue color.

The Brotherhood has a shape of water-like blade with a shimmering blue color, and a hook-shaped tip. In the game, we can see bubbles coming out from the blade, showing Waterstrike ability (we need to customize it first in Guadosalam). Brotherhood also appeared in Final Fantasy XII and Dissidia Final Fantasy, but with a slightly different form. But again, it is still a trademark for Final Fantasy X.

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All those swords above are without doubt great swords. The appearance only is enough to make it standout among the other swords. Furthermore, those swords above have unique abilities even though it is not included as final weapons. My favorite goes to Masamune, because of its incredible critical hit rate after combined with Hero’s Badge. Besides, I am a critical attack addict for every RPG.

Which typical swords of RPG world do you think is the best? Or maybe you have another suggestion? Please share your thoughts in the comment below.

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