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7 Tricky Bosses to Defeat in RPG

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Every game has its own difficulties. One of the difficulties is the existence of enemy bosses, which make our journey to the finish line harder than it should be. As well as in RPG, there are a lot of bosses which is memorable, either because of their crucial role in the game or because of its difficulty. Below are 7 hard bosses in RPG that can be defeated in a lot easier way using some tricks.

1. Ruby Weapon (Final Fantasy VII)

Ruby Weapon - Final Fantasy VII

Ruby Weapon is one of the two optional superbosses that reside in the sand around Gold Saucer. Its title “superboss” described how hard it is to defeat in normal way. But apparently there is a trick to defeat it easier using the combination of Red XIII (as pure magic user and Wizard Bangle) and Knights of the Round (with W-Summon) along with Bahamut Zero (with W-Summon/Quad Summon).

2. Diablos (Final Fantasy VIII)

Diablos - Final Fantasy Series

Diablos is a Guardian Force that resides inside a special item Magic Lamp. We can obtain Diablos as summon anytime after defeating it in battle by using the Magic Lamp. Since Final Fantasy VIII has a difficulty system which depends on our level, the enemies will get stronger as we are leveled up. So the trick to defeat Diablos is very simple: fight and defeat it as soon as you got the Magic Lamp item.

3. Omega Weapon (Final Fantasy X)

Omega Weapon - Final Fantasy X

Omega Weapon might be a formidable opponent in the prior game, but in Final Fantasy X it seems that it isn’t as hard as we faced it before in Final Fantasy VIII. The hardest boss in Final Fantasy VIII seems far under our expectation when facing it in Final Fantasy X. This huge, scary-looking monster is only a pushover in the NTSC version. But the international, PAL, and remastered version is still hard like before.

4. Sephiroth (Kingdom Hearts)

Sephiroth - Kingdom Hearts

Actually, Sephiroth is the main antagonist of Final Fantasy VII, but he also stars as a boss in Kingdom Hearts I&II. Although he is only a secret boss, people think that the fight with him in Kingdom Hearts is one of the hardest. There is no special trick to defeat him, but we must be prepared for his ultimate attack: Heartless Angel (HP down to 1). As long as you know how to survive from that, he isn’t super hard as people say.

5. Ice Titan (Kingdom Hearts)

Ice Titan - Kingdom Hearts

Ice Titan is one of the powerful Titans who serve Hades in Olympus Coliseum. He appears as a boss in the first Kingdom Hearts and the Final Mix version. Although he is huge compared to Sora, there is a trick to defeat him in an easier way. We only need to equip Guard in one of our skill slots to knock back his icicle attack until he collapses. After he is collapsed, he is all yours to smash. Repeat the steps.

6. Data Axel (Kingdom Hearts II)

Axel - Kingdom Hearts II

Axel is the Nobody of Lea, and is Rank VIII within the original Organization XIII. In Kingdom Hearts II Axel betray the Organization XIII due to his friendship with Roxas. There is a time where we must face Data Axel that often considered hard for some players. Besides learning his attack pattern, we can use proper equipments such as Decisive Pumpkin Keyblade (combo boost), Titan Chain (adds strength), and Ribbon/Highest Ribbon (reduces fire damage) to make things easier.

7. Magus (Chrono Trigger)

Magus - Chrono Trigger

Some people think that Magus is a hard boss that is hard to defeat, especially if we are under-leveled. There are some others who finds it easy using the right equipments method (same like above). We need to have Demon Edge (90 attack power and 1.5x damage to magical beings) for Crono and Robo+Frog in our team to use Robo’s Heal Beam (party healing effect). And before you notice, Magus is already down.

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Fighting bosses is always fun, although some of them requires some efforts to be able to defeat them. While there are some who can be defeated easily using certain tricks, it cost us time and more effort to complete the preparations. Fighting Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts is so memorable for me, because of the effort needed in grinding item for synthesizing Ultima Weapon wasn’t that easy.

Which one do you think is the hardest from the list above? Have you ever tried any of the tricks? Please share your thoughts in the comment below.

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