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7 Things in RPG that would be Useful in the Real World

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RPG world is a fantasy world where we can play through the story, from the beginning until the end. Since it is a game world, there are a lot of differences with the real world that we live in. Game developers create games to fulfill what impossibly done in the real world. So the large gap between the real world and the game world is not a problem at all; the farther from reality the merrier it will be.

As in RPG genre, we play in a role of the main character and the party from the start of the conflict until we finally be able to defeat the last boss. And like I said before, there is a huge difference between the inside of a game world with the real world. For you who have tried playing RPG, maybe you notice these things that are only available in RPG but will be useful in the real world if it is applied.

1. Character Customization

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Some RPG allows the player to customize the character before starting the game. Imagine, in the real world we can customize our body parts just like in the game. Well, nowadays we can achieve that easily by plastic surgery but it costs a lot while at the starting game, we don’t need to pay anything at the beginning of an RPG. We don’t even need to do diet to get our best body proportion.

2. The Ability to Control Others

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The gameplay of RPG often allows you to play more than one character. Although there is only one main character, we can also control the other characters alongside the hero. Compared to our real life, to be able to control other people would be very beneficial since we know controlling people is the hardest thing to do. Every human has their own choice and to make people think the same as us isn’t an easy job.

3. Save Game Feature

When is the right time to save your game while playing RPG? For me, it is when I know I am going to face a strong enemy boss or after I accomplished a hard mission and gets a precious reward for it. Any time we fail in fighting bosses or when we died because of an obstacle, we can start the game again from the last save file. We don’t even need to start a long way as long as we have saved our progress at some point.

That is why, to be able to save a progress while playing RPG is the most important point. A lot of time RPG searched and crawled through dungeons just to find a save spot, just in case anything bad happens. Now imagine that this feature is available in the real world, we don’t even need to be afraid of any danger since every failure can be repeated to fix the error using this save game feature.

4. An Elixir a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

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We know that there is a lot of medicine in RPG which vary in function. To cure poison get an antidote, to restore health get a potion, to restore both HP fully use elixir. Now if it is applicable in real life, do you think that the existence of doctors still necessary? With all the advantages, people will go for elixir to cure them. For sure, elixir or potion will be much cheaper than the cost for going to doctor right?

5. Looting People’s Treasure Leisurely

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Do you ever consider the feeling of the people when you loot their house for important things? You are walking around their house right in front of them, collecting everything that can be useful for your journey later. And what is their response? Nothing. They don’t even care about it. Even though you are loitering around in front of them they will never get mad at you. What a peaceful world.

Frankly speaking, the best thing and the first thing to do when I enter a new town are to search for every collectable item. It includes the town square, the alleys, the streets, and even inside people’s building. Then what if it applied in the real world? For sure you will end up in jail. Doing things like that in the real world is considered a crime. There will be law in the real world that prohibits you from doing so.

6. Gifts from Generous Strangers

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In RPG world, talking to NPC or nonplayable character is an essential thing to do. Whenever you find them in the town or in the field, it is necessary to try talking to them. From them, we can get as many information as needed. But aside from information about the story, we can also get items from the strangers that we talked to. Just talk to them, and they would be willingly gives you their precious item.

Whether they give you freely or you need to complete given quest, they will kindly gives you their belonging. Do you think it is applicable in the real world? It is still possible, but it will be a rare find. Instead of giving you their item, maybe they don’t even response when we try to talk to them. Remember, we are a total stranger to them. They won’t even care about us, moreover giving their precious item.

7. Monsters Carrying Items Around

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Monsters can be found in any places around the RPG world. From them, we can get items, accessories, or even weapons sometimes. All of those items would be very useful for our journey, so it is necessary to fight a lot of monsters on the field and collecting every dropped item. Once defeated, they will drop items. But do you think it is logic that those monsters carrying items with them?

In the real world, if we can collect things from “monsters” such as insects, worms, centipedes, it would be a useful thing to do right? The problem is, even in RPG monsters like that will never drop a useful item. But if you are faced with a giant and strong monster just like in RPG, do you still want to do it? If you still want it, can you beat it without your weapons from the game world? That’s the homework.

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Seems like there is a lot of thing in RPG that would be very useful if applicable in the real world. The problem is, it will never happen. What is in the game will stay in game. But still, it is fun just to compare the game world with the real world since there are a lot of differences between them. That is why, for people who want to escape from the hectic real world, maybe the game world would be a good choice.

So which things in RPG that you think would be useful in the real world? Please share your thoughts in the comment below.

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