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7 Recommended Tactical RPG You Shouldn’t Miss!

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RPG is a huge world. Talking about it is never boring us players. RPG genre itself has a lot popular games in many consoles which has their own fan base. Although there are a lot of RPG lovers out there, their taste isn’t the same. And apparently, RPG is divided into several subgenres according to the gamer’s taste (check the list here). This time, we will focus on one of the subgenres: Tactical RPG.

Tactical RPG is also known as strategy RPG, where this kind of RPG has towns, dungeons, and world maps like most RPG, but with the battles played on a field with squares. Although the movements are limited in squares, but a lot of gamer find it exciting. Responding to its lovers, there are some good titles classified in tactical RPG subgenre. Here are 7 recommended tactical RPG you shouldn’t miss!

1. Tactics Ogre

Tactics Ogre Wallpaper

Tactics Ogre originally released in 1995 for Super Famicom, few years later it was re-released for Sega Saturn and PlayStation. The game tells the story about Denam Pavel, a young lad who seek revenge to the Dark Knights who destroyed his village. Together with his sibling Catlua and her friend Vyce, they seek the Dark Knights and planning to bring them down.

In every fight, you can bring up to 10 party members. Each of the characters holds different elements and characteristics. Unlike most tactical RPG, in this game you can customize your characters freely, where the job system aren’t limiting the weapon used in battle. Meanings, even a wizard can wield a sword in battle.

2. Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions

Final Fantasy Tactics is a tactical RPG created and developed by Squaresoft in 1997 for PlayStation. It is very popular in its era where RPG lovers lack of tactical games with good storyline and nice gameplay. What is so good about this game is that you can change your character’s job like in early Final Fantasy games, but this time it involves skill combination which makes the game even more exciting.

3. Front Mission Series

Front Mission 3 Wallpaper

Front Mission series started its debut in 1995 as it published by Square with tactical gameplay for most of the sequels. The audience responded positively for the kind of gameplay it has. In every series, we will control robots called Wanzer. Since it is a big humanoid robot, it has body parts divided in main body, left arm, right arm, and legs. Every parts destroyed will give different effects to the Wanzers.

You can attack each body parts one by one; attacking the main body will make the Wanzer destroyed, aiming for each arm will result in disabling it including the weapons it carries, and destroying the legs part will limit the Wanzer movements greatly. You can also costumize your Wanzer and equipping them with melee (baton/club, tonfa) or ranged weapons (rifles, bazooka).

4. Fire Emblem Series

Fire Emblem Warriors E3 Trailer

Fire Emblem series began in 1990 with the release of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light for NES/Famicom, but it exclusive for Japan market at first. Later, it becomes one of Nintendo’s main attractions worldwide since it successfully grabbed the audience’s attention with stunning gameplay and exciting plot. Basically, Fire Emblem series revolves around the war between kingdoms.

The unique thing about this game is that we should be careful not to get any of our characters died in battle since there is Permanent Death feature. It means if we lost our party members in combat, we have to continue the game without the chance of getting back the fallen characters. Another different thing about this game is the weapon usage limitation for each character which makes it more challenging.

5. Disgaea Series

disgaea hour of darkness hd main pic 12qas

Disgaea series started its debut in 2003 with Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. This game is quite unique with the combination of great gameplay and humor. Basically, the plot is about the battle between Overlords, but unlike any other RPG, it has a level cap of 9999. There is also Reincarnation feature, which allow your characters to begin from level 1 again with the stats of level 9999.

6. Valkyria Chronicle Series

Valkyria Chronicles

Valkyria Chronicle is a tactical RPG series which began its first step in PlayStation 3. The gameplay is one-of-a-kind so far, as it combines Third-Person Shooter gameplay with turn-based RPG which make this series is really unique compared with the other. Each of the character’s action will be determined by Action Point. It is necessary to think of our next move since it will decide the outcome of the battle.

7. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor

Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor is another series from Shin Megami Tensei universe which was developed by Atlus for Nintendo DS. It uses tactical RPG mechanism unlike the other series. We will control the main protagonist with his friends who was trapped in modern-day Tokyo infested with demons. With a device called COMPs, we will have to survive in 7 days before apocalypse.

Although it is included in Shin Megami Tensei universe, its gameplay is different with the usual Shin Megami Tensei series such as Persona series. As what a tactical RPG should be, we will move our characters in square grid. Each of your character can carry up to two demons to assist them in battle. There is also battle feature called Skill Crack which will allow you to steal enemy demon’s abilities.

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Tactical RPG became one of the favorite subgenres in RPG. Although the movements are limited in squares, some people still find it exciting and challenging. With the good reception from the audience, game developers creates an even more challenging, complex, and high quality tactical RPG. My favorite from the list above is Front Mission series, as it offers deep gameplay and great combat mechanics.

Which one is your favorite tactical RPG? Please share your thoughts in the comment below.

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