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7 Recommended RPG with Enticing Love Story

7 recommended RPG with enticing love story

It is not exaggerating to say that love is universal, in a sense that lots of video games include the element of love in them. Especially in RPG, perhaps, where love can also be the selling point. Some of the love story below here might make you laugh, but some might cry your heart out (well, at least that’s the case with me). Without prolonging any further, let’s check out my selection of 7 recommended RPG with enticing love story!

1. Hix x Tengaar (Suikoden I & II)

Suikoden II Hix &Tengaar

Being a member of Warrior’s Village, it’s natural for a man to be…well, warrior. That’s not the case with Hix. He dislikes fighting, to the extent he might seem like a coward. But when it matters Tengaar, he is your typical ideal boyfriend. In Suikoden I, he showed true courage and fight alongside Tir and Viktor when Tengaar kidnapped by Neclord. After defeating Neclord he joined Tir’s entourage as a sign of his gratitude and to protect Tengaar as well. In Suikoden II he showed his reluctance to become a warrior, which bothered Tengaar. She then orchestrated some sort of fake situation with the Kobold Chief where she been put to deep sleep by the Unicorn. It was a sham, but Hix didn’t seem to notice that. When the real Unicorn, Siegfried, appears, Hix once again showed true courage and stood up to Siegfried’s threat to take Tengaar away.


2. Junpei x Chidori (Persona III)

Persona III Junpei & Chidori

Love changes people. Before he met Chidori, Junpei was an immature, perverted, dumb, and reckless guy. All of that changed when he met Chidori (which ironically his enemy). He started showing some caring and romantic side of him. The pair eventually developed feelings for each other, although later at some point Chidori suddenly reluctant to see him. Toward the end of November in the game Junpei got killed by Takaya, prompting Chidori to sacrifice herself for the sake of Junpei’s revival. Through his relationship with Chidori, Junpei became a more intelligent and mature person.

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3. Tidus x Yuna (Final Fantasy X)

Final Fantasy X Tidus & Yuna at Macalania

When they first met in Besaid, it’s fair to say that Tidus kinda had a crush on Yuna. Their relationship builds up quite nicely after that. Silly laughing in Luca, sharing about their dreams, and his upset when Yuna wanted to marry Seymour. As to why Yuna fall on Tidus, perhaps it’s because Tidus is someone outside of Spira who doesn’t know anything about the pilgrimage, Sin, or everything. He came from a world where Sin doesn’t exist. His cheerful personality might be the reason why Yuna taken a liking to him. The pilgrimage is about offering Yuna’s life to bring Calm (something that has been set from long ago), and Tidus’ sudden appearance might have ‘awakened’ her rebel side. And yes, THAT scene on Lake Macalania is simply one of the best romantic scene I’ve ever seen on RPG.

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4. Leon x Sara (Castlevania: Laments of Innocence)

Castlevania: Laments of Innocence Leon & Sara

Leon Belmont and Matias Cronqvist are the centre of this Castlevania series. The duo trusted each other completely and had a longstanding friendship. One day, Mathias became bedridden after he received the news of his wife’s sudden death. Because of this, Mathias detest God and sworn to become vampire so he could curse God for taking away his wife. He then orchestrated stuff by telling Leon that his betrothed, Sara, is being captived by vampire Walter. Leon then rescued Sara and tried to slay Walter by whipping him, but to no avail. It is then revealed that Leon must sacrifice Sara to make the whip effective against Walter. Hearing that, Sara begs him to kill her and use her soul to save others. Leon finally complete the ritual despite his reluctance and devastation.


5. Zidane x Garnet (Final Fantasy IX)

Final Fantasy IX Zidane & Garnet ending

Zidane here likes to flirt with girls. But it’s with Garnet that he really fell in love with. Garnet, on the other side, kinda playing hard ball with Zidane. She was portrayed as self-deprecating character and always blame herself for things she couldn’t control. Through Zidane’s influence she started to became a more casual person, cast aside her royalhood attitude. As Zidane teaches more about the outside world to her, she eventually falls in love with him. In the latter part of the game Zidane goes missing and Garnet returns alone to Alexandria as a Queen, but she can’t forget Zidane. Later then, the Tantalus comes to Alexandria to perform in honor of the Queen. When Zidane revealed himself as the main actor, Garnet runs into the crowd, thrown her crown aside, and jumps into Zidane’s arms in tears.

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6. Fei x Elly (Xenogears)

Xenogears Fei & Elly

These two actually started as some kind of enemies, with Elly partially responsible for the destruction of Fei’s village, Lahan. But way long before that, the pair actually been reincarnated so many times. Fei’s love for Elly was little at first. Their mutual love began to develop until they return to Ignas, along with their time in Yggdrasil. This love aids them a lot in many of their trials. In the end of the game, they will endure no matter what danger awaits them. They’re inseparable, as in their previous incarnations, their love for each other has existed for thousand years and will last until the end of the world.


7. Dart x Shana (The Legend of Dragoon)

The Legend of Dragoon Dart & Shana

This pair might be your typical childhood friend turned into lovers. As far as I’m concerned, Shana always had feelings for Dart, but she’s too nervous to say it. On the other hand, Dart has always been so protective of Shana and consider her as his little sister. During disc 2 of the game, lot of other characters pointing out to Dart that Shana doesn’t want to be seen as his little sister anymore. Realizing this, Dart begins to see Shana in the same light. They did confess their love many times throughout the game, but they didn’t have time to be too close because too many things were happening.

Some of the games mentioned above might be old. But since we’re talking about love here, love never grows old, right? Personally the most lovey dovey couple for me belongs to Tidus and Yuna, while Leon and Sara might be the most tragic one. Yes, I know there are lots of other RPG with great love story out there. Feel free to let me know your thoughts in the section comment below.


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