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7 Recommended Android RPG that You Can Play Offline!

Zelda-esque RPG Oceanhorn Switch Version Release

With the capability of mobile devices such as smartphones, they can hosts many good games nowadays. Smartphone operating system such as Android becomes popular as soon as it is considered on the same level as the other platforms; it can provide us good games. Because of that, the developers started to consider making high quality games for Android; one of the genres would be RPG.

If before RPG is only playable in consoles, now they are also available in Android thanks to the improvement of mobile devices. And between those nice RPG titles, there are some that you can play offline. Here are 7 recommended Android RPG that you should pay attention to before moving on to the latest games.

1. Inotia 4

Inotia 4 Gameplay

Inotia 4, or also known as Inotia: Assassin of Berkel is an action RPG developed by Com2Us. As an Android RPG, this game has a nice graphics and gameplay. We will control Kiyan, the main protagonist in fighting monsters and enemies along the way. In addition, we can recruit companions in the progress to assist us in battle against stronger and wilder enemies.

2. S.O.L (Stone of Life) EX

Stone of Life EX Gameplay

S.O.L EX or also known as Stone of Life EX is an action RPG published by Oddy Arts for Android operating system. At the beginning of the game, we can choose between genders and what job we preferred: Dual Blade, Knight, Berserker, and Arch Mage. The plot is quite simple; we will have to protect the Stone of Life from the bad guys. To do that, we can equip weapons and armors to make the battles easier.

3. Epic Conquest

Epic Conquest Gameplay

Epic Conquest is an action RPG published by Gaco Games for Android. Just like Stone of Life EX, we will have to choose between the male and female protagonist and tries to save world from destruction. To make things easier, we can upgrade our weapons and implements our skill in combat. This game is totally offline, so you can play it anywhere and anytime without abusing your data usage.

4. Oceanhorn

Oceanhorn Gameplay

Oceanhorn is an action RPG developed by Cornfox & Bros. for Android operating system. This game is known for its quality in both gameplay and graphics. We will play as a young boy who tries to find his father. The only clue left is an old notebook along with mysterious necklace. To find his father, we will travel the Uncharted Seas while uncovers the mystery of Arcadia Kingdom and sea monsters Oceanhorn.

5. Eternium

Eternium Gameplay

Eternium: Mage and Minions is another free-to-play RPG which was created by Making Fun, Inc and available for mobile devices especially Android. As soon as we start playing, we will choose a character to begin with. Every character has different abilities so it is hard to say which is best among the others. Along the adventure, we will get stronger by gaining points and experiences for defeating enemies.

6. SoulCraft

SoulCraft Gameplay

SoulCraft is an action RPG developed by MobileBits GmbH and known for its stunning graphics among the Android RPG. We will control an angel who has to protect the world from dangers by slaying monsters and bosses along the way. In the progress, we will have to deal with obstacles while trying to adapt with the controls. So, we have no choice but to train in using the controls until we get used to it.

7. Dungeon Quest

Dungeon Quest Gameplay

Dungeon Quest is another fantasy action RPG for Android with excellent gameplay and nice graphics. Developed by Shiny Box, LLC, this game shouldn’t be missed by RPG lovers. There are characters with a wide selection of weapons with different effects. Not just that, with its quality this game is not going to occupy most of your storage space because of its small size compared with the other good games.

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Personally I like 2D action RPG such as Inotia 4 and Stone of Life EX. But when I know about Oceanhorn, it kind of reminds me of the remake of Secret of Mana, but of course with its differences. But in terms of Android RPG, I have to admit that Oceanhorn successfully steals my heart this time, with its nice gameplay and beautiful, colorful graphics.

Which one is your favorite Android RPG from the list? Or do you have another suggestion? Please share your thoughts below.

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