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7 Reasons Why Gamer Spent Hours Playing RPG

Suikoden III Main Characters

Gamer has a genre that he/she likes most. As for me, I like Role-Playing Game or also known as RPG which is one of the most popular genres in the games development. While some thinks that playing RPG is quite boring and very time-consuming, some others are willing to play it until the end because of several reasons. And here are 7 reasons why gamer spent hours playing RPG.

1. Good Plot

Persona 4 Wallpaper

There is a lot of RPG with good story nowadays. With the improvement in gaming industry, a good plot becomes one of the strong selling points in creating a game. Gamer now demands games with good plot and storyline unlike before. If before they only focus on gameplay, now they also consider about how good the plot or storyline is.

Although some of the plots are segmented, at the end all those plots will intertwined in one big plot of the story. And this kind of deliverance is usually a success in attracting gamer to play more and dive deeper into the story. Whatever it is, the existence of decent plot now becomes the essential thing in making a game, as the developers are competing in who can create a game with better plot.

2. A Bunch of Characters in One Game

Suikoden III Characters

Collecting characters in games is one of the most exciting things that I ever felt when I played RPG. Aside from how important the characters are, it is always fun just to collect all the possible recruited characters. For you who have played Suikoden series, you will understand what I meant. The characters recruitment features that Suikoden series offers is one of the strong selling points of the franchise.

For RPG addicts, when there are 108 possible recruited characters (like in Suikoden series for example), it means that they must have all of it without compromise. When they are struggling to collect all of the characters, some game developers makes it harder with gacha feature, which also means “random get”. Nevertheless, RPG lovers will never complain about that as they find it more fun rather than annoying.

3. Characters Development

Fire Emblem Warriors E3 Trailer

With a lot of characters in one game, they are nothing without this essential thing: characters development. What is the use of the characters when they can’t develop? Aside from collecting them, making a character stronger with equipments and skills we found or learned along the story is also addictive. The more level we gained, the more skills and equipments we unlocked, means the more addictive it gets.

4. Secrets and Achievement to Unlock

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness screenshot

There is a kind of player in RPG that can be classified as “treasure hunter”. They will search everywhere, anywhere just to look for hidden items and secrets along the way. They will never stop searching every nook just to make sure they didn’t miss any items. This kind of player will focus on completing 100% of the items list and they will feel very bad if they missed something that isn’t retrievable.

As for skills, there is a type of player who concentrates in learning all of the skills to make them stronger against harder enemies and just to satisfy their perfection side of play. Whatever they are, whether they are a type of player who focuses on finding hidden items or unlocking next tier skills, that kind of activities will require them to spend hours on grinding and unlocking secrets of the game.

5. Enchanting Music

Final Fantasy XV main picc erw

Music is an essential part of life for most people. As well as in RPG, it plays a significant role to boost our mood while playing. Because of its quality, we might remember a game easier with its enchanting music. According to some research, game developers tries to create high quality music for their games to enchant players and gives therapeutic effect; making us comfortable although playing in a long duration.

6. Attractive Minigames

Struggle - Kingdom Hearts II Minigame

Minigames might not be that important to the main story of the game. Players can just leave it and skip to the next storyline without even bother to lose any important events. But the developers created it with reasons. Minigames are made to lower the tension after hectic battles and grinding for a while.

For some games the minigames hold the most valuable prizes and equipments which we can’t get anywhere else. And to get those one-of-a-kind equipments you will need to spend hours in front of your console, unless you are an extremely lucky player who can achieve the best result in no time.

7. Multiple Endings Possibility

Chrono Trigger PC Version will Get Various Updates Over the Coming Months!

When people watch a movie, some prefer good ending while some other thinks that good ending is boring. As well as in gaming industry, that happens. So because of that the game developers tried to accommodate those thought by giving different endings possibility, starting in ‘90s with an unforgettable title such as Chrono Trigger.

By giving this possibility, developers can get a win-win-solution with the different taste of players. They don’t need to be afraid that players will leave them due to the disappointment of the ending; players can choose themselves of which ending they prefer, but of course under certain conditions. And usually to achieve the best ending will require us to finish some time-consuming requirements.

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I think all those reasons above is enough to summarize of why players are willing to spend hours in their daily activities to play a time-consuming, and sometimes frustrating game genre such as RPG. It is because the qualities that RPG can offer compared with another game genre. And if you notice, those reasons above can also be considered as the superiorities of RPG between the other genres.

What about you, do you like RPG also? What makes you spent hours playing RPG? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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