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7 Reasons Why Final Fantasy Games are the Best JRPG

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Everyone already knows the big name of Final Fantasy series under the flag of Square Enix. Players differ in generations are able to recognize its name because of its popularity. In fact, maybe the games in the series are the best JRPG that we have ever played. So as fellow Final Fantasy series lover, let us breakdown 7 reasons why Final Fantasy games can be considered as the best JRPG.

1. Exciting Plot


Many of the games in Final Fantasy games were known for its exciting plot made with amazing effort. The result is, for some games that gamer have played, it couldn’t leave their memory and makes them wanting to play it again and again. The same reason why Square Enix tries to reawaken the Final Fantasy VII with the remake, the game still seems to be loved even after more than 20 years passed.

2. Touching Story

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Some of the events in Final Fantasy games are known to have deep meaning about friendship and love. It is a lie if none of you who have played the games never moved by the story. The most touching moment that I can remember is when Sephiroth slashed Aerith in front of Cloud. Losing Aerith is such a great loss since she is a party member and also Cloud’s crush in Final Fantasy VII.

3. Stunning Graphics

Final Fantasy XV - Episode Gladio - Screenshot

Since long, Square Enix’s creations especially Final Fantasy games has more advanced graphics than the other RPG. As long as I can remember, Final Fantasy games are the pioneer of JRPG who can deliver FMV or cutscenes in amazing quality. Even before using FMV in the games, Final Fantasy games, especially the ones before Final Fantasy VII were known to have the best visuals and appearance in 2D graphics.

4. Iconic Enemies

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT maine pices

Compared to the other JRPG, probably the villains in Final Fantasy series are the easiest for you to remember. Square Enix was successfully created the nemesis for the main character is such a way that they can’t be forgotten. Name it Kefka Palazzo (Final Fantasy VI) and Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII), maybe those two are the only villains that you remember the most from the series, even without playing it.

5. Unique Characters

Final Fantasy IX

Aside from the iconic enemies, Square Enix seems to have created a unique companion for the main characters of Final Fantasy games. For example, the existence of Cait Sith (Final Fantasy VII), Quina (Final Fantasy IX), and Kimahri Ronso (Final Fantasy X) are so unique even we will find difficulty to classify a class for them whether as Warrior, Monk, or Mage which usually used as standard classes in JRPG.

6. Challenging Gameplay

Final Fantasy XV - Paris Games Week 2016 - Screenshot 12

There are two most common types of RPG players. First, is the ones who seek a good storyline, and the second are those who look forward to enjoy the gameplay. Not only able to deliver enchanting stories, Final Fantasy games are able to give you an exciting gameplay as well as a challenging one, enough to relieve you from the the possibility of getting bored while playing long duration JRPG.

7. Amazing Scoring

Final Fantasy XIV Main picc 12wwq

I am sure that most of the gamers who have played Final Fantasy games were enchanted by its scoring or soundtrack. Maybe, most of them can still remember the theme songs that were used in the game up until now. So far, I can say that Final Fantasy series is the best game franchise that can deliver an amazing and unforgettable soundtrack consistently, even until the latest game in the series.

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Nobody doubts the quality of Square Enix’s creation, especially the most popular franchise of JRPG, Final Fantasy series. Having too many qualities are able to make the games and everything inside it become unforgettable, even from generation to generation. That is why, many believe that Final Fantasy games are the best JRPG that is hard to forget, and sometimes hard to be played too in a good term.

Do you have another quality of Final Fantasy games that you can suggest? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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