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7 Offline Android RPG You Must Try Immediately!

Chaos Rings III Characters

Playing offline RPG is always my favorite. Since I was a classic RPG lover, I used to play every great game offline back then, with the classic console of course. Long time ago, players don’t have any choice but to play games in offline mode, but today everything goes online and seems easier. For me, playing offline game is always my favorite because I don’t need to depend on the internet wherever I go.

Unlike back then, now smartphones are able to provide us with good games, including RPG. Although smartphones are best suited for online use, I still look for offline RPG whenever I can. Again, playing offline RPG doesn’t require internet connection which is a good condition for me. With some of them aren’t new products anymore, here are 7 offline Android RPG you must try immediately.

1. Arcane Soul

Arcane Soul Wallpaper

Arcane Soul is an offline action RPG with hack-and-slash element. Developed by mSeed, this game offers you fun and exciting action-packed battles along the story. The players are also having freedom to choose between the three main characters. Of course, each one of them has different skills which differ by their specialty. Not to forget, you will be provided with a lot of items that will make your play becomes easier.

2. Inotia 4

Inotia 4 Wallpaper

Inotia 4, or also known as The Chronicle of Inotia: Assassin of Berkel is an action RPG developed by Com2Us. As an Android offline RPG, this game has a nice graphics and gameplay. We will control Kiyan, the main protagonist in fighting monsters and enemies along the way. In addition, we can recruit companions in the progress to assist us in battle against stronger and wilder enemies.

3. Zenonia Series

Zenonia S Wallpaper

Zenonia has a few offline action RPG-styled games within the series. This classic-themed RPG series is created, developed, and published by Gamevil on multiplatform starting from 2009. Although it seems classic, the developer itself claimed that even the first game has more than 40 hours of gameplay. The control in each games are also friendly to players; you will not having any difficulties in playing it.

4. SoulCraft

SoulCraft Wallpaper

SoulCraft is an action RPG developed by MobileBits GmbH and known for its stunning graphics among the Android RPG. We will control an angel who has to protect the world from dangers by slaying monsters and bosses along the way. In the progress, we will have to deal with obstacles while trying to adapt with the controls. So, we have no choice but to train in using the controls until we get used to it.

5. Baldur’s Gate II Enhanced Edition

Baldurs Gate II Enhanced Edition

Baldur’s Gate II Enhanced Edition is a remake of Baldur’s Fate II: Shadows of Amn which was released for PC in 2013. Developed by Overhaul Games of Beamdog, now this premium offline RPG is also available on Android with new content and widescreen compatibility. With the graphical beauty within the game, players are required to form a team of heroes burdened with the task to defeat evil wizards.

6. Shadowrun Returns

Shadowrun Returns Wallpaper

Shadowrun Returns is a fantasy-themed tactical RPG developed by Harebrained Schemes. This is one of the Android offline games that have graphical beauty within the game. We can choose one of the available classes with different skills such as Street Samurai, Shaman, Mage and many others. Although it is not a free offline RPG, this game has all it takes to be called a good, worth playing game.

7. Chaos Rings III

Chaos Rings 3 Wallpaper

Last but not least; Chaos Rings III is an RPG which was developed by Media.Vision and published by Square Enix in 2014. It became one of the most wanted games as soon as it reached Android, iOS, and PlayStation Vita. In this game, we will play as a young man named Nasca who has a dream to continue his father’s footsteps as an adventurer across galaxies.

With the great name of Media.Vision (Wild Arms series) and Square Enix (Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series), you will know that this game will not disappoint you. Same with the other RPG, in this game you will be doing world exploration, collecting items, and defeating monsters. Even though this game is made for mobile devices, the graphics is as stunning as the other Square Enix’s products.

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With the characters design are made similar to Kingdom Hearts series’characters, Chaos Rings III is always my favorite. With the same developer for both games, no wonder that they share some similarities. Nevertheless, both are good games and one thing to be noted that both can be played offline. It assure us that even in this present, hi-tech era, offline RPG still has a place in gamer’s heart.

Which one is your favorite Android RPG from the list? Please share your thoughts below.

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