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7 Nostalgic RPG Games With Time Travel Theme

RPG with TIme Travel Theme - Chrono Cross

Time is one of the most mysterious elements that divide this universe into three simple states: the past, the present and the future in which we cannot travel through different state freely, what happen in past stay in past and will remain there until future rises on.

With this irreversible nature, the space between past and future offers some kind opportunity.  Hence, time travel theme inspires some RPG game maker to create an unusual plot that require the player travel through the time to prevent world apocalypse in the future or correct the gloomy history.

1. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

This game story start at Link’s hometown above the cloud called Skyloft, where he appointed as a new knight of Skyloft before suddenly unusual storm, zapped down his best friend Zelda to surface, Link then began his searching for Zelda in surface world and ended up in ancient sealed temple portal that led him to Temple of time where he meet Zelda.

Together, they sealed Ghirahim who called the storm in Skyloft they teleport to distant past to seal the demon who want to conquer the surface, Demise in Temple of Hylia and Link  travel to future to beat Imprisoned, the weakened form of Demise in present time.

2. Final Fantasy

The beginning of legendary game requires the player to choose 4 different class for 4 youth light heroes who will travel around the Kingdom of Cornelia and later they rescue princess Sara in the Temple of Fiend after beating Garland the evil knight before continue their journey across the ocean.

With the TNT blow now the outer world and Aldi sea connected, the light heroes required to beat four fiend representing four element Earth, Water, Fire and Ice they found portal to 2,000 years past and reveal that Four Fiends sent Garland back in time and creating infinity time loop that make them immortal before the light heroes destroying the time loop and change the future in which Four Fiend, Garland and the Four light heroes did not exist.

3. Chrono Trigger

Crono the main protagonist from 1000 A.D must travel through a time machine that invented by Lucca’s father (before the party reveals the End of Time portal and acquiring Epoch) to meet several character and developing their strength from some time period.

When the party arrived at 2.300 A.D era they found out Lavos a beast capable of absorbing DNA and energy that summoned by Queen Zeal in 12.000 B.C travelling through the time and wiped out civilians at that era to collect energy before razing the whole planet surface at 1.999 A.D before Crono and party managed to stop Lavos in 12.000 B.C and saving the future of their planet.

4. Tales of Phantasia

Tales of Phantasia story start with a powerful wizard Dhaos that uses his magic to travel several years into the future before for warrior beat him yet he also sealed in the future until Mars break the seal on Dhaos’s tomb and setting him free.

Trinicus, the former warrior who battled Dhaos in the past said that is no force in the present  time that can possibly stop Dhaos, so he decided to send the heroes back through time to seek out force capable of sealing Dhaos once and for all In which they will meet several heroes from the different era.

5. Final Fantasy XIII-2

Lightning the main protagonist in previous game teleported to Valhalla to guard weakened goddess Etro erasing her from everyone memory except Serah Farron her sister along with Noel Kreiss from the distant future.

After travelling and  repairing some future, they finally run into Caius who wants to eliminate them due to the every repair they made was a death shock to Yeul his master which make him at last suicide with Noel’s blade fixing all the timeline anomaly and possibly bring back Lightning to everyone memory.

6. Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross focused the story on the trial to future changing of the main protagonist named Serge which in another parallel world dies when he was a kid in an archipelago called El Nido.

Serge along with Kid, the flashy thief travelling back and forth through to divergent world try to reveal about his past while an entity called FATE sent Lynx the main antagonist to stop Serge reclaiming his past and finding the truth about FATE plot to conquering the time dimension by summoning time devourer.

7. Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past

This time, the hero and his friend are transported to the time when the continents still existed. The continents are facing serious problems that threaten their existence and when they resolve the problem, the continents reappear in the present.

Once all the continents are finally restored, the Demon Lord appears and seals away many of the continents again. He then rises up his Dark Palace, where the party faces the Demon Lord in a final showdown.

So, those are some nostalgic RPG with time travel theme that will bring the player roaming around in sophisticated future or even swimming the memorable past world. Now, which game do you think can make you forgot the present time while guiding the heroes  to resolve what went wrong in the past, ultimately save the world from  catastrophic that yet to happen or will happen?

My favorite one is Chrono Cross, because the music has a HUGE nostalgic feel to me. Feel free to leave a comment below 🙂

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