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7 Most Unforgettable Non Main Characters in Ace Attorney Series

Ace Attorney Characters

The value of main characters in a game is important for many players. Like myself, always idolize a main character with hero/heroine materials such as: cool, charming, strong, handsome, etc. Although main character’s role is important, games without unique non main characters will be boring. Thankfully, the non main characters in Ace Attorney series are unique enough to become unforgettable.

As games with a complex and mind-twisting plot, Ace Attorney series has come up with lineups of cool and unique non main characters that will spice up the story. And here are 7 most unforgettable non main characters in Ace Attorney series.

7. Ema Skye

Ema Skye - Ace Attorney Series

Ema Skye is a kind of girl who has passion in science. She was first known in the Nintendo DS series, via the fifth case before she finally left for Europe. On another series she will show up again, with a new job as Forensic Investigator. She often useful in many cases and helped us a lot with her knowledge. Her remarkable loyalty with her job and her friends will be shown as the story goes on.

6. Mia Fey

Mia Fey - Ace Attorney Series

Mia Fey is considered as a favorite non main character in Ace Attorney series for most players. She is a kind of heroine that has a short period of role in the game. Her determination to defend her innocent clients is remarkable. She didn’t mind going to great lengths just to find clues to help in the cases. Luckily, although she has a short role in the game, we will still see her often in a “strange” way.

5. Shi-Long Lang

Shi-Long Lang - Ace Attorney Series

This character is very unique in both personality and appearance. Shi-Long Lang is a kind of good character with a bad guy look. Although he looks like that, he is in the top ranks of Interpol. He also has 100 subordinates ready to help him anytime. Not only that, he clearly remembers every details of his subordinates such as names, families, birthdays, etc.

Even though he has an aggressive nature, Shi-Long Lang is actually a wise and a caring individual. His first look is identical to a mafia boss, but apparently he is a great law enforcer in his own way. He began his debut in Ace Attorney Investigations series (read here for more details).

4. Godot (Diego Armando)

Godot - Ace Attorney Series

Every player will notice this character easily with his trademark: Cyclops-style visor. As one of the prosecutors, he is often become a favorite as a non main character in Ace Attorney series. He was once a famous defense attorney, and worked alongside Mia Fey.

He is a coffee-loving prosecutor who holds a grudge against Phoenix Wright. One of his specialties is his accurate impersonations of other people, as he is able to mimic someone perfectly to get his point across in court.

3. Kristoph Gavin

Kristoph Gavin - Ace Attorney Series

Kristoph Gavin is an honorable defense attorney to begin with. But as the story goes on, he might be one of many characters in Ace Attorney series that you’re going to hate. He is a mentor and former boss of Apollo Justice, and has the predicate of “the coolest defense in the West”.

Kristoph is a type of perfectionist for every areas of life, especially in court. He believes that a judgment should be made by absolute law and evidence. Unfortunately, that belief led him to commit crime himself.

2. Simon Blackquill

Simon Blackquill - Ace Attorney Series

Simon Blackquill is truly one of the phenomenal prosecutors as he enters the stage with police men and in shackles. Being a prosecutor and serving a murder sentence at the same time is enough to make him become one of the unforgettable characters.

Blackquill has a pet hawk named Taka that will help him intimidate and bend others to his will. He is known for his psychological manipulation in court which earned him the nickname Twisted Samurai.

1. Dahlia Hawthorne

Dahlia Hawthorne - Ace Attorney Series

She may look like a cute, sweet little girl but who knows deep inside her mind. Dahlia Hawthorne is what you can call a monster, where she doesn’t care cheating, lying, or betraying in order to get what she wants. From convincing his father to abandon her twin sister, seducing her tutor, and attempting to murder her stepsister, anything she does is only about herself.

Even she tried to date Phoenix Wright to get advantage of him, and later plotted to murder Phoenix which ended up in someone else’s death. Even after receiving death sentence, she is still trying to get revenge. She is one of the characters that you will see in a “strange” way just like Mia Fey. Her deadly sweetness is enough to consider her as essence of pure evil.

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Although many players were mesmerized by Dahlia’s evil or Blackquill’s dark personality, I chose Shi-Long Lang as my favorite. I still find the law enforcers to be cooler than the bad guys, even though Shi-Long Lang has the bad guys look. His aggressive nature and caring personality is a contrast but also unforgettable. When most leaders forgot about his followers’ details, Shi-Long Lang does not.

What about your favorite? Please leave comments below.


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