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7 Most Epic Battles in Final Fantasy Series

Cloud vs Sephiroth

Battle plays important role in RPG. RPG with standard battle will be boring, but RPG with excellent battle will stands out in player’s mind. Even games with good story will taste plain without a good and memorable battle. RPG lover like me will always remember games with great plot, nice gameplay, and epic battles. For example, Final Fantasy series.

As far as I know, there are even some gamers who chose to play the same game over and over just to taste the fierceness of the bosses. Final Fantasy with its whole lot of series has a lot of epic battles in it, mostly in secret boss and final boss fights. And here are 7 most epic battles in Final Fantasy that you should know.

7. Final Fantasy VIII: Omega Weapon

Omega Weapon - Final Fantasy VIII

Omega Weapon might be the toughest boss in Final Fantasy VIII, as some consider it super boss. If you are not well prepared, be ready to get slain by this silver colored beast. What is so great about this boss is that he will periodically cast LV5 Death, so death immunity is essential in this fight.

Omega Weapon has some strong magic like Meggido Flame and Gravija which would hurt you a lot, but not killing you. Not only that, Omega Weapon absorbs all elemental damage, making your magic attacks serves as a healing magic for him. The only way to defeat this insane boss is to train, learn, and observe and you will know how to deal with it.

6. Final Fantasy XII: Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh - Final Fantasy XII

Gilgamesh is one of the trademark bosses who appear in some series of Final Fantasy. I found it to be fun fighting this boss, because of its variation in attacks. The best part is when Gilgamesh pulled out a different replica sword, which will result in many kinds of attacks pattern.

The swordsman who claims to be the strongest in Ivalice is accompanied by his friend, Enkidu. The strategy to defeat this boss is to bring down Enkidu first. But be prepared, by doing that will also trigger Gilgamesh’s rage mode. The battle with Gilgamesh isn’t the hardest fight, but it is one of the memorable battles in Final Fantasy series for sure.

5. Final Fantasy IX: Ozma

Ozma - Final Fantasy IX

Ozma might just look like a multi colored sphere with friendly appearance, but it is one of the two super bosses in Final Fantasy IX. It is without a doubt the hardest battle in Final Fantasy IX that you can’t forget. Fighting Ozma is quite complicated, since we need to pay attention to elemental effects and our current level.

To fight Ozma, first you need to finish Chocobo Hot and Cold sidequests and find the Chocobo Air Garden where it resides. To access this area, you will need to have a Gold Chocobo, since it is the only one which can fly. To be able to hurt Ozma physically, players need to complete Friendly Enemies sidequest. Even after doing so, you will still find Ozma to be the hardest boss in Final Fantasy IX.

4. Final Fantasy X: Jecht/Braska’s Final Aeon

Braska Final Aeon - Final Fantasy X

This battle might be the hardest to fight among all Final Fantasy series, not because of the difficulty but because you must fight your own father as the Final Aeon. This is one of the battles in the Final Fantasy series which involve both boss battle and cinematic experience. This opportunity will give you two chances to talk with Jecht in the Final Aeon form.

This battle is quite hard since Jecht is accompanied with two Pagodas as healers and undoing any status ailments. Not only that, Jecht could inflict petrification unto your party members. Using Aeons to fight him is a good choice, but remember that he will hurt your Aeon a lot. It is very possible that in the process players will become emotional, fighting your “own father”.

3. Final Fantasy XII: Yiazmat

Yiazmat - Final Fantasy XII

This boss is really something without a doubt. The last Elite Mark in Final Fantasy XII has over 50 million of HP. We could address this boss as super-super boss. Defeating Yiazmat will take a long time to spent, making it one of the epic battles in Final Fantasy series. Believe me, Yiazmat is insanely difficult.

With the new battle system introduced in Final Fantasy XII, you need to avoid traps in the area while fighting Yiazmat. Its physical attacks deal massive damage, so consider staying in a safe range. Not only that, it has some “ridiculous” skills such as: Growing Threat, Reflectga, Regen, making it more impossible to defeat Yiazmat in just an hour.

2. Final Fantasy XIII-2: Jet-Amber-Garnet Bahamut

Jet, Amber, Garnet Bahamut - Final Fantasy XIII-2

Finally, the trademark monster from Final Fantasy series: Bahamut. A single Bahamut is tiring enough to beat, and this time you got three Bahamut as the final bosses. Every Final Fantasy fans must have already known how difficult defeating a Bahamut is, and now they need to multiple it three times.

The Jet Bahamut will sits back and starts casting buffs to the other Bahamut, this type of Bahamut is unreachable until you bring down the other two. What makes it more difficult is that the buffs can’t be removed. After you bring down the Amber and Garnet Bahamut you will be able to attack Jet Bahamut. Although the Jet Bahamut isn’t the hardest boss, but for Final Fantasy fan like me, fighting three Bahamut at once is unforgettable.

1. Final Fantasy VII: Safer Sephiroth

Safer Sephiroth - Final Fantasy VII

Now we have come to the infamous villain of the entire Final Fantasy series: Sephiroth. Although Final Fantasy series has a lot of villain boss, but somehow Sephiroth is being treated as the golden boy. Maybe because Final Fantasy VII has a lot of fans and sequels that makes Sephiroth has more chance to show off.

Safer Sephiroth is the final form of Sephiroth, before we fight the original form of Sephiroth. I put Safer Sephiroth not the original one because we can’t lose in the fight against original Sephiroth. You can win this fight easily if you have Knights of the Round materia, otherwise you will taste Sephiroth’s ultimate attack: Supernova. The great thing to be added is that One-Winged Angel choir version will be played along the battle.

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Having a plentiful selection of bosses and super bosses in Final Fantasy series is so much fun. Although you will face a really hard time facing some of them, you will still feeling nostalgic and eager to repeat the play some other time. For me, the most epic battle would be the fight against Jecht because of the emotion throughout the battle, where you must fight your own father.

What about you guys, do you find your favorite epic battle above? Or do you have your own favorite that hasn’t been listed above? Feel free to fill the comment below.


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