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7 Latest Mobile RPG for Smartphone Users!

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With the improvement of mobile devices, we can now play a lot of good games with only smartphone. If before we can play great RPG only on consoles, now we can play it in our mobile devices. And apparently, the RPG for smartphones turns out to get better and better from time to time. So because of that, let me present you these 7 latest mobile RPG for you smartphone users.

1. Lumia Saga (Android)

Lumia Saga Wallpaper

Lumia Saga is an Android MMORPG developed by Shengqu Games and published in Southeast Asia by Century Game. The developer claims to be the cutest MMORPG ever and being one of the most successful South Korean MMORPG. Lumia Saga offers you numerous unique equipment through the sandbox-style core system. It also promises you an action-packed combat with PvE and PvP systems.

2. TERA Classic (Android, iOS)

TERA Classic Wallpaper

TERA Classic is a mobile game developed by Kakao Games and originates from the classic online PC MMORPG: TERA. This game offers a similar gameplay experience to the original TERA but with completely different story in it. TERA Classic will have a large open field areas while introducing raid dungeons, party/guild system and action combat. TERA Classic uses Unreal Engine 4 to pamper your eyes while playing.

3. Aura Kingdom II (Android, iOS)

Aura Kingdom II Wallpaper

Aura Kingdom II (previously named Kingdom of Aura) is a mobile game developed by Meywood Limited. The game was announced in early 2019, as one of the latest MMORPG. Aura Kingdom II is the sequel for the first game and implements the previous gameplay mechanics with better story. This game has deeper character customization and still with the open-world gameplay in better graphics.

(This game is only available in Chinese language currently)

4. Echo of Soul RED (Android, iOS)

Echo of Soul RED Wallpaper

Echo of Soul RED or also known as EOS RED is a MMORPG developed by Blue Potion Games, the current developer of Echo of Soul for PC. Previously known as Echo of Soul Mobile, this game will emphasizes on PvE dungeon just like in the PC version while introducing PK System and Free Economic System. This game promises you an exciting adventure in open-world gameplay with stunning graphics.

(This game is only available in Korean language currently)

5. Princess Connect! Re:Dive (Android, iOS)

Princess Connect! Re Dive Wallpaper

Princess Connect! Re:Dive is a Japanese RPG developed by Cygames for Android and iOS devices. The game is a sequel to Princess Connect! which was released in 2015 and still uses the anime style artwork like its prequel. This game offers a high quality graphics with colorful animated scenes, better than the previous game. Players can relive the glories of the first game in a better and rich story.

(This game is only available in Japanese language currently)

6. Pokemon Masters (Android, iOS)

Pokemon Masters Wallpaper

Pokemon Masters is a free-to-play mobile game developed and published by DeNA for Android and iOS. The game was released in the summer of 2019 and allows players to fight various Pokemon trainers from the core series games. The story is set on the artificial island of Pasio. So far, Pokemon Masters has 18 chapters in the main storyline with another two interludes.

7. Super Robot Wars DD (Android, iOS)

Super Robot Wars DD Wallpaper

Super Robot Wars DD is a startegy RPG mobile game developed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment. The game is based on Super Robot Wars, a game franchise from BANDAI NAMCO and features characters from Gundam: Iron-blooded Orphans, Valvrave, and Devilman. There are four worlds in this game, with each world has a separate character system and fascinating stories behind.

(This game is only available in Japanese and Chinese language currently)

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With those mobile RPG, probably you shouldn’t think that mobile games don’t have quality. The fact is, not only quality but it comes in a large quantity also, pampering us RPG lovers. And let me choose Super Robot Wars DD since I’m a fan of this series since the PlayStation era. And hopefully some of those mobile RPG above will have the English release so everyone around the world can try and dive into those games.

Which one is your favorite mobile RPG from the list? Please share your thoughts below.

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