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7 Most Interesting Minigames in RPG

Final Fantasy XV Chocobo & Car

RPG world is a huge world where sometimes there is a game inside game called minigames. Minigames can take different kind of form, from sports to one-on-one battle. And what makes a game more interesting is betting. I heard it from my friends that were betting in an online betting website called BettingTop10 (it contains a list of available betting site one of which about gallop racing).

Hearing that from my friends make me realized the fun side of betting. Maybe that is why, some RPG use betting mechanism in order to make the minigames more fun and challenging. Talking about minigames reminds me of my personal experience. It moved me to write this article about 7 most interesting minigames in RPG that you should pay attention to. Beware of getting addicted upon playing!

1. Chocobo Racing (Final Fantasy VII)

Chocobo Racing - Final Fantasy VII Minigame

Chocobo Racing is a minigame that you can try once you reach a place called Golden Saucer in Final Fantasy VII. You can find not only Chocobo Racing, but also some other fun minigames. But if we are talking about which one is the best of the game, of course it would be Chocobo Racing. Basically, Chocobo Racing has the same mechanism with gallop racing, only this one uses Chocobos.

At first, we will just act as a spectator and bet on our favorite, but as it progresses, we can control our own Chocobo and even ride them to compete on the race. Not only that, breeding our own personal Chocobo also possible in this game. And if we bred it well, we might be able to get the strongest materia: Knights of the Round which resides in a place reachable only with the Gold Chocobo.

2. Triple Triad (Final Fantasy VIII)

Triple Triad - Final Fantasy VIII Minigame

Triple Triad is a card betting game in Final Fantasy VIII where we will play in a 3×3 grid and put cards, battling opponents. Each card has four numbers (one for each direction) and the card will battle the other card with those numbers facing each other. Each player has five cards in hand and the aim is to capture the opponent’s card by turning them to the player’s own color red or blue.

As far as I can remember, there is nothing like the best card without any weak point. Every card has their weakness and strength, so our strategy will be crucial. Be careful, because the risk upon losing is to lose one of the cards we use in the match. We might lose a rare card too, but we can get it back later by challenging the same person once again.

3. Tetra Master (Final Fantasy IX)

Tetra Master - Final Fantasy IX Minigame

Tetra Master is another card game from Final Fantasy series which is present in Final Fantasy IX. Basically, it has almost the same mechanism with Triple Triad, but this time we will play on 4×4 blank square grids. Cards will be placed as the game progresses, and each card features four values written on it. The basic of the game is for cards to challenge adjacent cards on the grid and values will decide the outcome.

Tetra Master is the second of the series to introduce a card minigame (after Triple Triad in Final Fantasy VIII). But unlike Triple Triad, the cards can’t be turned into items and the player will not receive usable rewards other than more cards from playing the game.

4. Blitzball (Final Fantasy X)

Blitzball - Final Fantasy X Minigame

Blitzball is the famous minigame of Final Fantasy X, where it is introduced at the beginning of the game. Blitzball is a water sport, combining water polo and football. The players will compete inside a giant water sphere infused with pyreflies so they can breathe underwater. The objective is simple, to kick the ball into the enemy team’s goal. But while doing that, we also have to defend when being attacked.

As far as I can remember, playing blitzball is quite addictive (I spent plenty of hours just to play it). We can recruit players from other blitz team, and sometimes through free agents we met on the field. The scout level will increase as the player’s blitzball prowess increases. The higher the level, the more information we can get during player recruitment for the Besaid Aurochs, our lovely blitz team.

5. Cooking Contest (Suikoden II)

Cooking Contest - Suikoden II Minigame

A real cooking contest might be exciting to watch, but what about a cooking contest in a game? Suikoden II has the answer. As soon as we get our own castle, there will be chance to recruit a character and then start competing in the contest. What we need to do first is to reach level 2 of our castle, and then find a chef named Hai Yo on the second floor balcony.

He is one of the four lords of the Black Dragon group, the most fearest chefs group in the world. Once Hai Yo is recruited, many chefs will start to challenge him in a cooking contest, including the other lords from the Black Dragon group. The contest will begin when we try to enter the kitchen area. Each of the chefs holds a recipe that we can get after we beat them.

6. Coliseum Cups (Kingdom Hearts)

Coliseum Cups - Kingdom Hearts Minigame

Coliseum Cups is accessible after we clear the Olympus Coliseum chapter in Kingdom Hearts. Chip and Dale will inform us about an ongoing tournament in the Olympus Coliseum once in while, especially after completing major area. At first, we will compete as a team, but after we cleared the first phase, Sora can enter solo in standard or time-attack mode, each with different rewards possibility.

The first tournament will be Phil Cup, which is accessible after Sora unlocks the Traverse Town keyhole. There are also Pegasus and Hercules Cup for us to try. The real challenge comes from Hades Cup, where we need to finish 49 rounds and fights Yuffie, Cloud, and Leon in one of the match. But the rewards are very reasonable, either Trinity Limit ability or Donald and Goofy’s weapon for each mode.

7. Struggle (Kingdom Hearts II)

Struggle - Kingdom Hearts II Minigame

Struggle is a kind of sport that we can play in Kingdom Hearts II. It is playable in Twilight Town, and takes a large role in Roxas’ storyline. In the first battle, Roxas will challenge Seifer after choosing one of the three different Struggle bats. The regular bat will increase his strength, the hand guard-modeled bat will increase his defense, and the magic staff-modeled bat will increase his magic potential.

The rule is quite simple: each participant will begin the match with 100 colored orbs. Every time they got hit, the orbs will drop and scattered around the ground and collecting opponent’s orbs will increase our score. In Roxas’ storyline, the winner is the one with the most collected orbs at the end of the time limit, while in Sora’s storyline we can also deplete opponent’s HP to make them collapse for a while.

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Minigames in RPG is like a breath of fresh air after spending plenty of hours grinding for level or gold. As we all know, one of the most exciting experience is to gain as much level and collect as much gold to spend on equipments, but it took a lot of time and that is when minigames are valuable. My favorite from the list above would be Coliseum Cups, as I like more action than anything else.

Which minigames in RPG is your favorite? Do you have another suggestion? Please share your thoughts in the comment below.

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