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7 Highly Recommended Android and iOS RPG!

Granblue Fantasy Characters

In the past, game console was limited to devices produced by Sony or Nintendo. From time to time they keep producing consoles that we know today: from PlayStation to PlayStation 4, from SNES to Nintendo Switch. But in the present time, apparently smartphone operating systems (OS) such as Android and iOS are able to provide gaming experience to smartphone users.

If before people use smartphones only to make calls, text, and a little bit of entertainment, now with the help of technology smartphone users are able to own an improved gadget. With the improvements, now smartphones can function as well as handheld with all its wonderful games, even in RPG genre. Here are 7 highly recommended Android and iOS RPG that you can play on your smartphones.

1. Kingdom Hearts Unchained X

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ Title Screen

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X is a game published by Square Enix in 2015. Initially this game was named with Kingdom Hearts X, which was released for web browsers in 2013. After being ported to mobile devices, it changed its name to Kingdom Hearts Unchained X (this game is also known as Kingdom Hearts Union X).

Basically, this game has the same element that the other Kingdom Hearts series used: Keyblade. Set before the Keyblade War event, in this game we will play as a Keyblade user who tries to collect Lux. Just like in the first Kingdom Hearts, we will face Heartless as our enemies. We can also find memorable areas from the previous series such as: Agrabah, Olympus Coliseum, and many more.

2. Tales of the Rays

Tales of The Rays Featured Image

Tales of the Rays is the mobile title of the Tales series which was released for mobile devices. For Tales series addict, this game is a must have game, especially of you have a sufficient smartphone for gaming. We can play characters from previous series such as: Cress Albane, Velvet Crowe, Ix Nieves, and Mileena Weiss. Not only that, every characters will have full voice, which is great for genre such as RPG.

3. Granblue Fantasy

Granblue Fantasy Wallpaper

Granblue Fantasy is a game published by Cygames for mobile devices and web browsers. This game reunited the two persons behind the famous Final Fantasy series and Lost Odyssey: Nobuo Uematsu as composer and Hideo Minaba as art director. With those great people behind the scene, this game promises you beautiful graphics and gameplay, as well as a great plot.

The game progress is divided into two parts: Story Quest and Free Quest. Basically you will do quests and then get the reward afterward, and there are also quests which will give you certain item upon finishing. Not just that, this game has a unique feature called Boss Raid which will make the game more exciting to be played. This turn-based RPG will suits players who loves RPG with modern touch.

4. Chaos Rings III

Chaos Rings 3 Wallpaper

Chaos Rings III is an RPG which was developed by Media.Vision and published by Square Enix in 2014. It became one of the most wanted games as soon as it reached Android, iOS, and PlayStation Vita. In this game, we will play as a young man named Nasca who has a dream to continue his father’s footsteps as an adventurer across galaxies.

With the great name of Media.Vision (Wild Arms series) and Square Enix (Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series), you will know that this game will not disappoint you. Same with the other RPG, in this game you will be doing world exploration, collecting items, and defeating monsters. Even though this game is made for mobile devices, the graphics is stunning just like the other Square Enix’s products.

5. Phantom of the Kill

Phantom of the Kill Wallpaper

This mobile strategy-based RPG was developed by Fuji&Gumi Games and released in 2014. Upon playing, you might notice that this game has the same feel with Final Fantasy Tactics. Just like any other strategy RPG, in this game you will fight the enemies by moving in square-based movements. The story is about people with special abilities who try to save the world from extinction.

6. Dragon Spear

Dragon Spear Wallpaper

Dragon Spear is a traditional side-scrolling RPG with beat ‘em up elements which was developed and published by Game2Gather. This beautifully drawn graphics throughout the storyline are able to spoil your vision while enjoying the gameplay. In this game, you can choose between six available characters (Fighter, Gunner, Assassin, Knight, Sorceress) each with their own respective story and background.

7. Adventure Bar Story

Adventure Bar Story 1

Adventure Bar Story is an adventure RPG mixed with bar owner simulation game which was released in 2012 for smartphones and 3DS. The plot is quite simple, where we will play as Siela who was trying to save Kamerina’s bar from the chance of being taken over by its competitor, a restaurant run by its rich owner Gustav.

The gameplay is the same with the other classic turn-based RPG, where we will take turns with the enemies to strike each other. The difference is, since we are trying to save Kamerina’s bar from bankrupt, we need to win the crowd by pleasing them with delicious recipes. And in order to do that, we need to buy or grind for the ingredients, finding new recipes, and competing in local cooking league.

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With all those games that are mentioned above, now we know that smartphones aren’t just a mere communication tool anymore. It is capable on delivering a gaming experience to us gamer, with all of its great games. Some of the games are even shared multiplatform with mobile devices, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo 3DS.

So which one is your favorite Android and iOS RPG? Please share your thoughts in the comment below.

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