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7 Dated PC JRPG That You Must Play!

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

PC or also known as personal computer has become a platform to provide gamer with games, either it is good or bad. The ability of PC to implement gaming service in its function has opened the chance for it to hosts some good games, including in RPG genre. As both PC user and RPG lover, I always look for a kind of JRPG that is available in PC. And nowadays, it feels so much easier to access PC JRPG.

With the improved technology of the recent game consoles and also PC components, both of them can now host even the latest games. But if we are talking about JRPG, we are going to talk about classic games era. So that is why, we are going to talk about JRPG that has been available in PC some times ago (some of it are ported from classic console). Here are 7 dated PC JRPG that you must play!

1. Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX Cover Logo

Final Fantasy IX is the ninth main installment in Final Fantasy series which was developed and published by Squaresoft. It was initially released in July 2000 for PlayStation, and later re-released in 2016 for iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows via Steam, and the last re-released in 2017 for PlayStation 4.

The story follows Zidane and his companion of Tantalus Theatre Troupe kidnapping Prince Garnet of Alexandria whom coincidentally planned to escape the castle. Accompanied by her personal guard Steiner, they become comrades and travel together with Zidane to know the secrets of the Crystal and try to stop the malevolent force who intends to destroy their world.

2. Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X Characters

Final Fantasy X would be one of the best PlayStation 2 games that have ever been played by any RPG lovers. The popularity of the game made by Square Enix proved to be on top of mind of every player at that time. Final Fantasy X was originally released in 2001 for PlayStation 2, and later released multiplatform in PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita with better graphics.

The story follows Tidus, the main protagonist and a famous Blitzball (a kind of sport played inside a sphere of water) player from Zanarkand and the son of Jecht. His adventure begins when his hometown attacked by an enormous monster called Sin. He traveled along with Yuna, a summoner who is trying to put an end to Sin.

3. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Main picwqr

The original Final Fantasy XII is a fantasy JRPG developed and published by Squaresoft for PlayStation 2 in 2006. This game is a part of Final Fantasy series with some changes in gameplay: an open world, a seamless battle system, a controllable camera, and many more. In July 2017, Square Enix released Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age as a high definition remaster of the Japanese-only International Zodiac Job System for PlayStation 4.

The game takes place in the fictional world of Ivalice, where the empires of Archadia and Rozzaria are waging an endless war. Ashe, princess of Dalmasca which caught between the warring nations meets Vaan, a young adventurer who dreams of becoming a sky pirate in command of an airship. By creating a resistance movement, Ashe and the party rally against the tyranny of the Archadian Empire.

4. The Last Remnant

The Last Remnant Wallpaper

The Last Remnant is a JRPG style game developed and published by Square Enix. It was released worldwide for Xbox 360 in 2008 and Microsoft Windows in 2009. The remastered version of the game will be released soon near the end of 2018 for PlayStation 4. Back then, The Last Remnant was the first Square Enix game to use the Unreal Engine.

Rush Sykes, the main protagonist try to save his sister Irina with the help of his multi-racial teammates from the bad guys. By using ancient weapon and accessories called Remnants, Rush and the unions tries to stop The Conqueror who is trying to conquer the world under his command. This time, Rush must battle with The Conqueror and his generals who also uses Remnant weapons and accessories.

5. Valkyria Chronicles

Valkyria Chronicles

Valkyria Chronicle (or also known as Battlefield Valkyria: Gallian Chronicles for the Japanese version) is a tactical JRPG which was released exclusively for PlayStation 3 at first. The game was developed by Sega and Media.Vision, and has a rare kind of military theme, where only few are interested in exploring it. The game visuals utilized SEGA’s CANVAS graphics engine, making it look like a painting in motion.

The gameplay is one-of-a-kind so far, as it combines Third-Person Shooter gameplay with turn-based RPG which make this series is really unique compared with the other. Each of the character’s action will be determined by Action Point. It is necessary to think of our next move since it will decide the outcome of the battle.

6. Disgaea 2 PC

Disgaea 2 PC Version - disgaea 2

Disgaea 2 or also known as Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories is a tactical RPG developed and published by Nippon Ichi Software in 2006, originally for PlayStation 2. Disgaea 2 is the sequel to Disgaea: Hour of Darkness which was released in 2003. A port of the game titled Disgaea 2 PC was released in 2017, including all contents from PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable version with an updated interface.

The story revolves around the adventure of a young man named Adell who is luckily unaffected from the cursed casted by the overlord Zenon. Wanting to save his family and remove the curse, he tries to defeat Zenon. Adell’s mother tried to summon Zenon and failed, but instead summons Rozalin, Zenon’s daughter. They ended up on a journey to return Rozalin back and defeat Zenon to lift the curse.

7. Ys: The Oath in Felghana

Ys The Oath in Felghana Wallpaper

For you Ys games’ fans, Ys: The Oath in Felghana is actually an enhanced remake of the third game in the Ys series, Ys III: Wanderers from Ys, made by Nihon Falcom. This action-RPG hack-n-slash game was initially released for Microsoft Windows in 2005, with an English localization by Xseed Games in 2012. A PlayStation Portable version was also released in 2010 in Japan, and later in North America and Europe.

Just like in Ys III: Wanderers from Ys, the story started with Adol Christin, the main protagonist and his friend Dogi traveling to Dogi’s hometown of Redmont, in Felghana three years after then events of the first two games. When they arrived, they discover that evil happenings and threatening the townspeople. Once again, it is up to Adol to put a stop to it and wards of the evil once and for all.

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Playing JRPG in PC is really something for me. Back then, we can only play it in video game console, but with the capabilities of PC, it is possible to play every RPG even for the latest games. If I have to choose from the list above, I would choose between The Last Remnant and Ys: The Oath in Felghana. The Last Remnant for its breakthrough in gameplay, and Ys: The Oath in Felghana for its exciting combat.

So which dated PC JRPG is your favorite from the list above? Please share your thoughts in the comment below.

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