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7 Coolest Android MMORPG in Early 2020!

The year of 2020 is already starting and it is time to present something new to the Android users. The game developers are so kind that they have prepared you all the latest games under the label of MMORPG. Still the same like before, you can’t underestimate the quality just because it is released on smartphone operating system. So, these are the 7 coolest Android MMORPG for you in early 2020.

1. Mabinogi: Fantasy Life

Mabinogi Fantasy Life Wallpaper

Mabinogi is a MMORPG developed by devCAT studio and published by SIAMGAME. The game was released initially in 2004 for PC, and now also available on Android. Mabinogi: Fantasy Life gives the player freedom to choose and be whatever you like from Combat Master, Bard, Crafter, and many more. The cool feature in this game is Reincarnation, where you can start over your character with a different job.

2. Naica Online

Naica Online Wallpaper

Naica Online is an open world 2D MMORPG developed by a team of eight people from Tour in France as a cross-platform game, with the current platforms available now is Android and Microsoft Windows. Players can choose five races: Vulpians, Cerbalis, Denelites, Ophimanders, and Azralians, each with their own advantage and freely unlock any skills available on each level.

3. Last Day Rules: Survival

Last Day Rules Survival Wallpaper

Last Day Rules: Survival is a sandbox MMORPG published by HK HERO ENTERTAINMENT CO., LIMITED for Android. The game is set on a post-apocalyptic time where player’s only goal is to survive. There will be a lot of threats like dangerous wildlife, opportunistic players, and natural problems such as hunger and thirst. To survive we can build our own base and gather resources while defending it from others.

4. The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Wallpaper

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor is a mobile MMORPG developed by Kakao Games. The game is a mobile spin-off game for the popular Korean light novel series. Just like in the novel, players can choose the available in-game jobs, including Sculptor. And like any other MMORPG, this game based on completing quests and cooperation with other players, performing a team as well as defeating the Raid Boss.

5. ReEvolve

ReEvolve Wallpaper

ReEvolve is a sandbox MMORPG developed by Perfect World Entertainmnet and launched by Tencent Games. Players can choose which side to be on: The Shepherds, who will set things right in history, or The Piper which are responsible for the world’s corruption. Upon playing this game, you will recognize that it has similarities with Monster Hunter series, added with team hunting and base building.

6. ROG: Rage of Gods

ROG Rage of Gods Wallpaper

ROG: Rage of Gods is a mobile MMORPG published by Efun Company for Android and iOS. Having a good graphics and visual effects makes this game worth playing. If you don’t have much time to play a game, then this game is made for because it has Auto feature. If you have more time, you can utilize any possible combination as well as becoming a god that you have received before.

7. World of Dragon Nest

World of Dragon Nest Wallpaper

World of Dragon Nest is a MMORPG which is an adaptation by the original development team behind the Gemscool’s Dragon Nest on PC. The game was published by Nexon Thailand and promises the same gaming experience with the PC version. Players can choose classes such as Warrior, Mage, Archer, and Priest while doing quests and explore the areas in open world gameplay.

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The game developers are so kind that they provide us so many games even in early 2020. Those MMORPG looks so promising but World of Dragon Nest catches my attention the most. Since I have played the PC version, I’m hoping that the mobile version will deliver an exciting gaming experience also. And if I have to choose the runner up, it would be ROG: Rage of Gods for its gameplay and graphics.

Which one is your favorite Android MMORPG from the list? Are you into mobile gaming also? Please leave your comment below.

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