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7 Classic RPG Remakes You Didn’t Notice

Shin Megami Tensei: Deep Strange Journey Screenshots

Final Fantasy VII Remake is a good example of how a classic RPG should be reborn. For many reasons, game developers now tend to create a remake rather than going fresh with an unknown fate. And for that, we have to admit that classic RPG is timeless. Playing the classic games is already interesting, and now we have these 7 classic RPG remakes you might not notice. Ready to commemorate the story?

1. Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux (3DS)

Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux

Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey was developed by Atlus and Lancrase, and released for Nintendo DS in 2009. After the existence of Nintendo 3DS, the developer tried to bring the success of this game into it in this year. This enhanced port version, titled Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux includes new characters artwork, voice acting, three new endings, and new demons.

The story begins with a growing mysterious black hole which has appeared on South Pole area. To find out about this strange phenomenon, the United Nations sent elites from around the world called Schwarzwelt and given the task to investigate the area thoroughly. Later, the team found out that the area has infested with demons and realized that it is their duty to save humanity.

2. Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories (PlayStation 2)

Kingdom Hearts Re Chain of Memories

Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories is a remake of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories that was made for Game Boy Advance. The game was developed by Square Enix’s fifth Product Development Division based in Osaka, and released as the second disc of the Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ in Japan on March 29, 2007 and as a standalone title in North America on December 2, 2008.

The game follows Sora and friends as they explore the mysterious Castle Oblivion while battling the sinister Organization XIII, a group of antagonists new to the series. The game introduces new characters and plotlines that further expand the Kingdom Hearts universe and set up the premise for Kingsdom Hearts II. The game features new card-based battle system.

3. Fable Anniversary (Xbox 360, PC)

Fable Anniversary Wallpaper

Fable is an action RPG, the first in the Fable series which was developed for Xbox, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS X platforms by Big Blue Box Studios, a satellite developer of Lionhead Studios, and was published by Microsoft Studios. A high-definition remake of the game titled Fable Anniversary that includes The Lost Chapters was released for the Xbox 360 and Microsoft WIndows in 2014.

Fable takes place in the fictional nation of Albion. Players assume the role of an orphaned boy who realizes his dream of becoming a hero. The choice players make in the game affect the perception and reaction to their Hero by the characters of Albion, and change the Hero’s appearance to mirror what good or evil deeds the Hero has performed.

4. Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition (Android, iOS, Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC)

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Main pic vbnm

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is a RPG developed and published by Square Enix in 2018. It is an abridged version of the popular Final Fantasy XV, and was released for Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition was aimed for gamers who don’t own a console; instead, they can play this game through their smartphone.

The story tells about Noctis, the prince from the kingdom of Lucis, with his three companions: Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto who fights together to reclaim his throne and must go on to fulfill a greater destiny. This game’s prominent themes are friendship, destiny, and legacy. Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition follows the same plot as the original game, minus the open world gameplay.

5. Wasteland Remastered (Xbox One, PC)

Wasteland Remastered Wallpaper

Wasteland is a science fiction open world RPG developed by Interplay and published by Electronic Arts at the beginning of 1988. A remastered version titled Wasteland Remastered developed by inXile Entertainment was released in 2020 with improved graphics and sound. In addition, it also features voiced lines and new portraits for characters.

In 2087 (one hundred years after the game’s development), generations after the devastation of a global nuclear war in 1998, a distant remnant force of the U.S. Army called the Desert Rangers is based in the Southwestern United States, acting as peacekeepers to protect fellow survivors and their descendants. A team of Desert Rangers is assigned to investigate a series of disturbances in nearby areas.

6. Secret of Mana (Android, iOS, SNES, Switch, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, PC)

Secret of Mana Opening Movie

Secret of Mana is known for a high quality action RPG that could stand up to Zelda series in both the quality and timelessness. This game is another creation of Square, as the expert in making wonderful RPG for consoles. The game was originally released in 1993 for SNES and has been ported to mobile phones in 2009, but the enhanced port of the game was released in 2010 (iOS) and in 2014 (Android).

Secret of Mana features three main characters fighting an empire which tries to take over the world by abusing the power of Mana. The strong point in this game is the detail of the visuals, where you can see the bones-littering cavern floor, or colorful flowers and plant-life lining the trails as we walk upon. The water and clouds also moves naturally, giving life to the visualization of the graphics.

7. Phantasy Star Generation 1 (PlayStation 2)

Phantasy Star Generation 1 Wallpaper

Phantasy Star is a RPG developed by Sega and released for the Master System in The game is one of the earliest Japanese RPG for consoles. The gameplay features traditional Japanese RPG elements including random encounters and experience points. Phantasy Star was remade for the PlayStation 2 as Phantasy Star Generation 1 and released on August, 28, 2003.

Phantasy Star tells the story of Alis on her journey to defeat the evil ruler of her star system, King Lassic, after her brother dies at his hands. She traverses between planets, gathering a party of fighters and collecting the items she needs to avenge her brother’s death and return peace to the star system.

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Because of too many reasons, including the stunning plot of the classic RPG, the game developers have decided to remade the old games and make it into a better one with the same plot. I have to agree with it; I think even the modern RPG still can’t outmatch the classic ones in many aspect except graphics. As for the favorite, I will go with Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories for its timeless gameplay.

Which classic RPG remakes from the list are your favorites? Have you tried the classic version? Please share your thoughts in the comment below.

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