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7 Best Swordsmen in RPG

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As a complex genre, we can find many jobs and specialty of the characters in RPG. From farmer, villager, doctor, scholar, magician, and many more can be found within the story. But I think, above all those the only one which is the most popular and mainstream job among the other was swordsman. Swordsman is a title given to the characters that excel in sword fighting.

Just like its name, swordsmen use sword as their weapon. Because of that, swords become the most common weapon you can easily found scattered everywhere in RPG. And that too, makes a lot of main protagonists in RPG wield swords as their weapon; some of them even a master in using them. And here are 7 best swordsmen in RPG that you can find.

1. Arngrim (Valkyrie Profile)

Arngrim - Valkyrie Profile Lenneth

Arngrim is the first warrior in Valkyrie Profile who joined the party and possibly the strongest Einherjar endgame. Arngrim is depicted as a silent mercenary, wielding a great sword. Skilled and powerful as a warrior made him become arrogant, this is why he is unfit for Valhalla. Being a strong mercenary doesn’t make him ignorant to his handicapped brother Roland, whom he cares so much.

Arngrim will join the party as early as the game start. That makes him possible to become the strongest Einherjar in the game if we trained him well. He might have a mediocre set of combos, but he has a very high DME (health) and a very damaging Purify Weird Soul: Final Blast. If you keep using him since the beginning, he will become a real powerhouse and the strongest Einherjar in the game.

2. Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII)

Cloud Strife - Final Fantasy VII

Cloud is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy VII and wields a huge unique sword called Buster Sword. Although he isn’t a silent protagonist, Cloud doesn’t speak too much at first in the game. As a former SOLDIER’s proud swordsman, he became arrogant and selfish. But after he discovers about his past, he began to value friendship and starts protecting others, even the Planet.

Cloud has access to his trademark Limit Break: Omnislash which is the best in the game since it can unleash significant amount of damage in just one turn. The Materia system in Final Fantasy VII also allows him to combine abilities such as Final Attack & Phoenix combo. Not only that, Cloud has access to Knights of the Round materia, which is one of the strongest summon in the entire series.

3. Auron (Final Fantasy X)

Auron - Final Fantasy X

Auron is one of the playable characters in Final Fantasy X. He is a former warrior monk of Yevon, a guardian of summoner Braska, and Tidus’ caretaker. In the game, he watches over Tidus while concealing his past tying him into the stories of Braska and Jecht, Tidus’ father. Finally he becomes a guardian for Yuna, Braska’s daughter and known as one the greatest guardians who ever lived for serving Braska lineage

Auron is a badass-looking character with a mysterious and interesting past. With his cool and calm demeanor, it is easy for him to catch our attention. Furthermore, his samurai look and a sword nearly as huge as Cloud’s Buster Sword successfully escalate him to become one of the (probably) permanent badass RPG character. And not just that, he is also a formidable ally in battle with his high damage and armor piercing attacks.

4. Dias Flac (Star Ocean: The Second Story)

Dias Flac - Star Ocean The Second Story

Dias Flac is a famous swordsman from Star Ocean: The Second Story who was known for his prowess in swordfighting. Dias is a cool character, seldom speaks a lot, has a cool-headed behavior and rebellious. In the game, he was described as a childhood friend of Rena in Arlia and thinks of her as his other little sister. A certain incident has left a deep scar within him and changed his behavior.

There’s no swordsman who doesn’t know Dias Flac. He can win tournaments without using any effort at all. Because of that his opponent even goes as far as stealing his weapon so he can’t participate in the tournament. Although he isn’t special anymore near the endgame, he joined amazingly strong at the first time, making him a popular and unforgettable swordsman of the game.

5. Asbel Lhant (Tales of Graces)

Asbel Lhant - Tales of Graces

Asbel is the main protagonist of Tales of Graces and the eldest son of Aston Lhant, the lord of Lhant territory. From an early age, he was taught the skills necessary to inherit the title of Lord by his father and his butler, Frederic Barnes. Because of his ambition to become a knight, one day he decides to enlist in the Knight Training Academy in the capital of Windor and become devoted to his training.

As a child, Asbel’s fighting style relied on fighting with one sword with both hands. But as an adult, he refines his fighting style and instead uses two styles; the first is the Sheated Blade Artes Style, where his sword is almost always sheated when active. The second is Drawn Blade Burst Style, where he fights more like a Japanese-swordsman.

6. Guy Cecil (Tales of the Abyss)

Guy Cecil - Tales of the Abyss

Guy Cecil is a playable character from Tales of the Abyss who is the best friend and servant of Luke von Fabre. He was originally hired to be Luke’s caretaker. But eventually he has grown to consider himself best friends with Luke. Guy is actually of nobility who swore revenge to the Duke of the House Fabre after he witness that his families were slaughtered by Duke Fabre in his childhood.

Guy fights using the Sigmund Style, wielding a sword in his right hand and the sheath in his left, a technique taught to him by Pere. His first mystic arte is Razing Phoenix and the second is Brilliant Overlord and making use of slim swords. The Sigmund Style is described as a quicker, swifter version of the Albert Style, the sword style Luke, Asch, and Van use.

7. Georg Prime (Suikoden V)

Georg Prime - Suikoden V

Georg Prime is a playable character in Suikoden V. He is the Teni Star in Suikoden II and Suikoden V. He is a renowned swordsman throughtout the Suikoden world, and commonly reffered to as “Deathblow Georg”. He is known as far north as the Grasslands as a former leader of the Ebony Moon Knights and as far south as one of the Queendom of Falena’s Queen’s Knights.

Georg is a practicioner of Iaijutsu (a form similar to Battojutsu). With this form, he swiftly ad accurately draws his blade and slays the enemy, then returning it to its saya (scabbard) in one clean, smooth motion. Although he wears a patch, his face and eye are completely unharmed. He only draws his blade when he is sure that his enemy will die. He also bears a Killer Rune.

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Swordsman becomes a common profession in RPG as many developers put that role for their game’s main protagonist. And as you can see, many of the main characters above are using swords instead of other kind of weapons. If I’m going to choose, I’ll go with Dias Flac since his first impression is totally cool and badass although he doesn’t excel much by the time he joins the party later on.

Which one are your favorite swordsmen in RPG? Please share your thoughts in the comment below.

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