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7 Best Ported RPG on Android/iOS (Part 1)

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RPG has become a favorite for many gamer because of its in-depth storyline and gameplay quality. Now, game developers are trying to provide gamer with more RPG than before. Apparently, in this modern time, gaming consoles are not the only device to play games. With the improvement in technology smartphone users are also able to play RPG through Android and iOS operating system.

Although there is a lot of new RPG out there, there are some classic console RPG that was a masterpiece in its era. Eventually, that became the reason for the game developer to port the game from consoles to Android and iOS based devices. Here are 7 best ported RPG on Android/iOS that you should know, in case you want to try the classic taste at its best moment.

1. Chrono Trigger (Android, iOS)

chrono trigger

Chrono Trigger is a legendary game from SNES that is ported to Android and iOS for many reasons. It has a good storyline, great battle system, and nice graphics that will pamper us RPG lovers. In this game, we will play as Crono, a young swordsman along with his unique companions. Crono and his companions will travel through times to stop the world from destruction caused by an entity named Lavos.

A princess, a frog swordsman, a prehistoric blonde girl, and a robot will be your party members as you progress through the story. This game also has multiple endings which require some conditions to be triggered. And of course, there will be the best ending available if you can fulfill the condition to achieve it.

2. The World Ends With You: Solo Remix (Android, iOS)

The World Ends with You final remix main pic 1wqe

The World Ends With You is an action RPG developed by Square Enix and Jupiter originally for the Nintendo DS. Because of its success in the initial handheld, it was later ported to Android (2014) and iOS (2012) with the title of The World Ends With You: Solo Remix. This game involves urban fantasy elements, set in the modern-day Shibuya shopping district of Tokyo including its typical youth culture.

We will play as Neku Sakuraba, along with his friends participating in a game that will determine their fate. In the ported version, the story is unchanged from the original but it has redrawn visuals, expanded soundtrack, and revamped battle system to pamper the eyes of the gamer. Also, the ported version will have Google Play Games and Game Center Integration, with ranking and achievements.

3. Final Fantasy IV (Android, iOS)

Final Fantasy IV Wallpaper

Before, it is such as good news to know that Final Fantasy IV has a port on PC. And now it is also available in Android and iOS to entertain Final Fantasy lovers who uses smartphones. We will play as one of the knight of Baron who serves under the king. Unlike most main characters of RPG games that begin as a good guy, this game will give players different experiences as we begin as a “bad guy”.

Cecil, the main protagonists is a Dark Knight. Yes, we will start the game unusually as a bad guy, but there will be surprises as the story goes on. Initially, Cecil the Dark Knight is tasked by his king to bring the four elemental crystals. But as his journey continues, he begins to question the king’s motives. This leads him to fight back and restore peace to both the world and his kingdom.

4. Final Fantasy VI (Android, iOS)

Final Fantasy VI Wallpaper

Final Fantasy VI was released in 1994 by Square for SNES (now also available in Android, and iOS). Final Fantasy VI is the sixth installment of the Final Fantasy series which was known to be one of the best Final Fantasy game ever made. It added more depth to both gameplay and narrative than any Final Fantasy game before.

The story tells about a technological world dominated by an evil empire by the use of Magitek technology. We will control the characters with different backgrounds. The heroes consist of the people who have been a part of the empire, brainwashed by the empire, or those who rebels against the empire. This game features 14 permanent playable characters, the largest number of any games in the series.

5. Final Fantasy VII (Android, iOS)

00. Final Fantasy VII Android Poster

Final Fantasy VII is without a doubt one of the greatest creations of Square Enix. There are too many reasons why this title feels everlasting; now it even has a remake on PlayStation 4. This masterpiece from Square Enix emerged initially in 1997, more than a decade ago. But with every aspect it has: characters, plot, and gameplay successfully moved Square Enix to port the original version into Android and iOS.

We will play as Cloud, the main protagonist of Final Fantasy VII and the most popular persona among the RPG characters. Although he isn’t a silent protagonist, Cloud doesn’t speak too much at first. As a former SOLDIER’s proud swordsman, he became arrogant and selfish. But after he discovers about his past, he began to value friendship and starts protecting others, even the Planet.

6. Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth (Android, iOS)

Valkyrie Profile Lenneth main picsa

Valkyrie Profile is one of the best classic masterpieces that classic consoles ever had. Known first on PlayStation, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth is also available in later console such as PSP. And now, we can even play it in Android and iOS based devices. The story is about Norse mythology involving gods and mortals, who were in cooperation to prepare for the Ragnarok, the war between gods.

In Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, we will play as Lenneth, one of the goddess of battle who was searching the suitable human to help in facing the upcoming Ragnarok. Those people are later called Einherjar, the soul of mortals who were recruited in assisting the Odin’s army. The Einherjar consists of swordsman, mages, and archers. Our task is to recruit best of the best and send them to protect Asgard.

7. Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch (iOS)

Lunar Silver Star Story Wallpaper

Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch is the ported version of the original game Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete on PlayStation (1999). In addition to its story, Lunar: Silver Star Story was particularly known for its characters and beautiful anime-like cutscenes created by Japanese artist Toshiyuki Kubooka and the amazing soundtrack as a creation of Japanese famous composer Noriyuki Iwadare.

Still the same with the original version, Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch focuses on the life of a young lad named Alex who lives in the village of Burg and dreams in becoming a Dragonmaster, following the footsteps of the legendary Dragonmaster Dyne. Together with his step sister Luna, his friend Ramus, and a cat-like creature Nall, they set out for an adventure which ended up in saving the world from darkness.

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Playing ported RPG on Android/iOS is really something when it is kind of difficult to access emulators. Some are having a hard time in finding their favorite game while some can’t use emulators due to inadequate specifications. If I have to choose, I will put Chrono Trigger on the first, Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch the second, and Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth on the third since I’m a fan of 2D classic RPG.

Which one is your favorite ported RPG on Android/iOS? Do you have another suggestion? Read also the second part!

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