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7 Best Android RPG Up to 2018!

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Characters & Logo

Role-Playing Games or often called RPG has been very popular since its debut in classic console. Up until today, there are a whole lot of RPG titles that was made for consoles and modern devices. As one of the modern devices, smartphones became as equal as console since game developers also targeted smartphones to become the platform for their published game titles.

For smartphones powered with Android, they have more chance to compete with consoles because of its rapid development. Thanks to the improvements in many aspects, Android powered smartphones now can provide us with high quality RPG which was only possible to be played on consoles before. Check out 7 best Android RPG up to 2018 that you can play now on your smartphones.

1. Chaos Rings III

Chaos Rings 3 Wallpaper

Chaos Rings III probably becomes the ultimate creation of Square Enix for Android devices. Firstly introduced worldwide in 2010, in this third installment of Chaos Rings series the main protagonist is a young man who lives with his sister in the outskirts of town, tending to his livestock. One day he heard a voice that tells him to travel the world and find Marble Blue, the sparkling blue mother planet.

Although Chaos Rings III is not a free RPG for Android, it is undeniable that you can get almost everything that a console can provide. Let us say stunning graphics, great gameplay, and nice plot; you can find those all in Chaos Rings III. Since its debut, this game often got included in the list of best Android games especially RPG genre. Chaos Rings III offers you a console gaming experience in mobile device.

2. Final Fantasy Series

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Logo

As one of the legendary RPG pioneers, Final Fantasy series were always mentioned whenever people talk about RPG. Up until today, there are several titles which is playable in Android: Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy Dimensions, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, and Mobius Final Fantasy.

As we all know, Final Fantasy series has a fine gameplay, classic turn-based battles, great plot, and not to forget, graphical beauty. Most of the games above are ported from the classic consoles, but the developer has enhanced its quality in graphic that it makes us feels like we are playing in console. The development in technology has given Final Fantasy series a chance to rise again in smartphone gaming.

3. Kemco Games

Symphony of Eternity

Kemco is a Japanese video game developer and publisher which were established in 1984. It was the creator of Top Gear, the famous SNES racing game at its time. Now Kemco focuses more on producing mobile games, and specialized in RPG. It has some famous RPG titles on Android such as: Eve of the Genesis, Symphony of Eternity, Machine Knight, Alphadia Saga and many others.

As a Japanese game developer, Kemco gives the classic gamer an opportunity to taste modern JRPG with classic gameplay. In most of the games, you will find that the gameplay adapts the classic gameplay which was dominated with the turn-based battles and dungeon exploring like what you will find in classic JRPG. Thanks to Kemco, JRPG lovers can now play classic RPG from their smartphones.

4. Fire Emblem: Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes 1

Fire Emblem: Heroes is a tactical RPG created by Nintendo in 2017. It is actually a spin-off of Fire Emblem series which was released for mobile devices. The good news is, this game is free-to-play. Fire Emblem franchise has known for its quality, but if you still questioning its quality, this game has nominated for the best mobile game by The Game Award and choice video game by Teen Choice Award.

Basically, this game will allow you to recruit characters to assist you in battles as the story goes. In order to make it easier, you need to have adequate amount of currency called Orbs. Fire Emblem: Heroes successfully combined the strategic gameplay with exciting battles throughout the story. There are features such as: Intense Battles, Epic Quests, and Training Tower that makes the game even more exciting.

5. The Bard’s Tale

The Bards Tale Wallpaper

The Bard’s Tale is an action-RPG that was initially created for PlayStation 2 and Xbox in 2004. It was released the next year for PC, and now it is available in mobile device OS especially Android. In this game, we will play as a bard who has the mission to save a princess that was kidnapped by an unknown character. Along the way, we will be faced with obstacles to hinder us completing our mission.

When you play this game, the difficulty will increase as the story continues. But to help you with that, you have the opportunity to modify your character; from selecting abilities to chosing your own playing-style. What is good in this game is that you can carry and use two weapons at the same time. With the exciting gameplay and nice graphics, The Bard’s Tale becomes one of the Android RPG that you should try.

6. Dungeon Hunter V

Dungeon Hunter V Characters

Dungeron Hunter V is a hack-and-slash RPG created by Gameloft in 2015. As we all know, Gameloft has started making a lot of good games for handhelds since long. Then in 2015, they began to reach modern mobile gaming once again by making Dungeon Hunter V. What is interesting about this game is, not only this game adapted the action-RPG gameplay, but it can also be played multiplayer.

With the big name of Gameloft, they can guarantee gamer that this game could offer you graphical beauty. Dungeon Hunter V will challenge players to choose between four characters for every battle. Player will need to choose one character before going to explore the dungeon. Since every character has specific abilities, players have to choose wisely before going into battles to make things easier.

7. Eternium: Mage and Minions

Eternium Mage and Minions Wallpaper

Eternium: Mage and Minions is another free-to-play RPG which was created by Making Fun, Inc and available for mobile devices especially Android. This action-RPG often mentioned by players who seek a good RPG to be played offline. And the answer for that is always this game among the many. Eternium: Mage and Minions combined action games with RPG elements to fulfill the needs of a good game.

As soon as we start playing, we will choose a character to begin with. As usual, every character has different abilities so it is hard to say which is best among the others. Along the adventure, we will get stronger by gaining points and experiences to get rid of the enemies easier. Just like a similar game such as Torchlight or Diablo, we will also get a set of weapon according to the character we choose.

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Final Fantasy series is always in the heart of RPG gamer; Nintendo is always a good game publisher with Fire Emblem; and Square Enix’s new product called Chaos Rings III is never stop to amaze its audience, but if I have to choose I will go for Kemco games. In this smartphone era it is kind of hard to find classic RPG like Kemco products and they proved that they successfully created decent games for mobile gamer.

Do you have your favorite Android RPG from the list above? Or do you have another favorite? Please share your thoughts below.

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