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7 Best Android RPG Games that You Can Play Offline!

Chaos Rings III Wallpaper

The Android OS has become popular and a real challenge for the other mobile phone operating systems. With all its capability, everybody starts to make use of Android’s popularity for greater influence in any field, including mobile phone games.

Although the games are nice, most of Android games consist of online game. As for myself, I prefer to play offline more than online, because the lack of stable internet connection. For RPG lovers, here are 7 best Android RPG games that you can play offline.

7. End of Aspiration

In this game, we will play as the two main protagonists: Yute, a young man who follows the footsteps of his father as a trader and Eril, the azure sorceress who fought against a secret group operating in the shadows of the world. As the game progressed, they will find more companion and more challenging enemies to be defeated. We can play five characters in total, and each of them has their own wide range of skills.

6. Antiquia Lost

The story revolves around a young man named Bine who lives in a small village and was asked by a girl named Lunaria to escort her to the royal capital. The unique thing about this game is that you can put different character as a leader and use his/her special actions such as rock smashing, or even squeezing through narrow gaps (yes, the heroine is a slime). Another good thing about this game is that you can plant seeds and then harvest them later, giving you chance to grow something incredible sometimes.

5. Revenant Dogma

Revenant Dogma Gameplay

A young man named Caine enters a ruin to search for feral relic that said to be left behind by the gods. In the process, he meets a mysterious girl wearing a mask. That occurrence becomes the start of the grand scheme that will change the world of human and a race called Therians.

Players can use transform ability in battles to aid against enemies, which will enable them to use various skills and Bursts. Players will be equipped with weapons that can be customized and forged to deal massive damage.

4. Glorious Savior

Glorious Savior Gameplay

The Hero’s Sword which was used to defeat the Overlord has been stolen, and monsters keep increasing in numbers. A young aristocrat named Rain is ordered directly by the king to retrieve the sword back, with the assistance of a girl named Voila. In this game, players can change weapons depending on the situation to defeat the enemies. Each weapon has its own unique skills to make attacks become stronger and effective.

If a weapon is not used in battle, it collects Aura automatically and results in strength increases. With more Auras, players can take down enemies easier. Players can also strengthen their weapon to form a more powerful party by collecting materials needed. The dungeons in this game will change its form every time we enter, but giving us more rare items and weapons with special effects to collect.

3. Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Final Fantasy IV The After Years Battle Screenshot

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years tell the story about the descendant of Cecil (the main character of Final Fantasy IV), named Ceodore. Ceodore is the son of King Cecil and Queen Rosa, ruler of Baron. As a prince, Ceodore enlisted in the airship fleet called Red Wings, and must begin his own adventure after witnessing the vast hordes of monsters appearing as another moon appeared in the sky. With the ten playable tales players can reveals the story behind each of the characters.

2. Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX Battle Screenshot

Zidane and his companion of Tantalus Theatre Troupe kidnapped Prince Garnet of Alexandria whom coincidentally planned to escape the castle. Accompanied by her personal guard Steiner, they travel together with Zidane to know the secrets of the Crystal and try to stop the malevolent force who intends to destroy their world.

As a ported PlayStation game (also available on PlayStation 4), this game provided unique battle abilities called Trance that will give the user another combat skill to defeat the enemies. Players can do synthesis to make better items or stronger weapons. Not only that, you can get special items reward by completing mini games such as: Chocobo Hot and Cold, Tetra Master, Jump rope, and many more.

1. Chaos Rings III

Chaos Rings 3 Battle Screenshot

This ultimate creation of Square Enix for Android devices is firstly introduced worldwide in 2010. In this third installment of Chaos Rings series, the main protagonist is a young man who lives with his sister in the outskirts of town, tending to livestock. One day he heard a voice that tells him to travel the world and find Marble Blue, the sparkling blue mother planet.

The graphic of this game is stunning, especially to non console system such as Android devices. The 3D graphic will pampers player’s eyes throughout the game with its amazing battle system and deep storyline.

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For me, my favorite is Final Fantasy IX. Although I’ve played it on classic console before, the excellent gameplay and storyline makes it a memorable RPG. Fortunately it has been ported to Android recently so any Android user can try and feel the greatness of this classic RPG. What about you guys, what is your favorite? Feel free to give your comments below.


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